Book Review – Heirs of War by Mara Valderran


Mara Valderran has been coming up with stories since she could talk, often commandeering her brother’s G.I. Joes to play out her fictional tales alongside her Barbies. Once she hit adolescence and realized playing with dolls wasn’t cool anymore, she started putting her ideas to paper. And she hasn’t stopped since. Mara is more than just a madwoman with a writing box. She lives in the south with her husband and demanding cat. She hopes to one day meet Daniel Jackson from SG1, or at least the actor who played him. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading, playing video games, or spending time at her favorite local coffee shop.



Heirs of War (Heirs of War, #1)


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Seventeen year-old Zelene has never believed in magic or been one to trust fate. Prophecies about princesses and long lost families were the stuff of fairy tales and had no place in her life. But then magic-wielding assassins attack claiming she is one of the five Duillaine Ainnir, the next generation of the most powerful women who rule over the worlds. Together, the five girls are prophesized to save the worlds from the war that has been raging for years. 

As their enemies strike, the girls are taken back to their world and discover the ties binding them together. Rhaya has always had an uncanny knack for reading people, but can’t seem to unravel the mystery tying her to Isauria, the new friend she bonded with instantly. For years, Isauria has been dreaming of Terrena, a girl living her life on the run in a magical world ripped apart by the tragedies of war, but Isauria is completely unaware that she is psychically linked to the world she was born in. 

Zelene views them all, especially the elders, with a distrustful eye, familial bonds or no. When she learns that her long-lost twin Ariana has been captured by the rebels, Zelene’s attitude changes. She doesn’t know what she can do when her own magic is still locked within her, but can she trust the elders to rescue Ariana when it seems their medieval politics are what brought about the war in the first place? With all that is at stake, the answer becomes clear to Zelene. 

Screw the worlds. She’s getting her sister back.



Thanks Mara for letting me read and review this book. I loved the book and would give it 5 stars.

The story was amazing and the world building,character/scene descriptions were grate as they made me feel like I was actually experiencing what was happening personally.

It was interesting to see how each of the girls (Ariana, Terrena & Isuraia) dealt with coming into their powers as they did so. Especially Isuraia because although it nearly cost her her life it also enabled her to find her youngest sister Ariana.

I also found it fascinating learning about the world the girls came from its culture and customs.

All in all I can’t wait to read the future books in this series as this was a fantastic start to what I am sure will be a grate series.

If You Were Me and Lived in … Portugal A Child’s Introduction to Culture around the World & If You Were Me And Lived In … Russia A Childs Introduction to Culture around the World by Carole P Roman


Carole P. Roman is the award-winning author of the If You Were Me and Lived in… series, which won the Pinnacle Award for Best in Children’s Nonfiction in 2012. She collaborated on this installment in the series with her five-year-old grandson, Alexander. Roman also writes the Captain No Beard series, the first of which was named a Kirkus Best of 2012, received a Star of Remarkable Merit, and won the Pinnacle Award in 2012.

If You Were Me and Lived in … Portugal A Child’s Introduction to Culture around the World


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  • Publisher: Red Feather Publishing (June 4, 2014)
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  • Language: English





Roman’s If You Were Me books have a simple, winning formula: portray children from other countries and explain how familiar items and customs are the same, and how they differ, in the country being discussed… The appeal of Roman’s If You Were Me series is that this information is not offered in the bland style of an encyclopedia entry, but rather as part of a tour of real life in India…It’s this organic conversational tone that keeps the book interesting and inspires kids’ own curiosity for other cultures.” Peter Dabbene The Foreword Review Join Carole P. Roman as she takes you to explore the friendly country of Portugal!

REVIEW First of all thank you so much to the author and Bostick Communications for allowing me to read and review this book. This book was well worth the 5 stars that I gave it in fact I would have given it more if I could have done as it was such an educational and well illustrated book.. It is part of a series of books which are good for introducing children to the cultures that there are around the world and I fully intend to get all the others apart from the one on Russia as I already have that one. Even I as an adult found it interesting to learn about the customs and traditions in Portugal and I thought It was nice that it included some of the portuguese words that a child can learn. I am sure my son will enjoy this book as he gets older and we will be using it as part of the Geography curriculum when we are Home Schooling.

If You Were Me And Lived In … Russia A Child’s Introduction to Culture around the World


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  • Publisher: Red Feather Publishing (June 12, 2014)
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  • Language: English





Exploring the world has never easier—or more fun!—than with Carole P. Roman’s award-winning If You Were Me and Lived In… children’s series. Continuing its globetrotting tradition, If You Were Me and Lived in…Russia explores the magic and wonder of this captivating country.As children ages three to eight take a leisurely stroll around Russia, they will come across some of the country’s most recognizable sites, including the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and the Red Square. Learn about Russia’s yummy delicacies, like borscht and caviar, before playing popular Russian games like chess and “fipe”—a game children may know better as “tag”! Brimming with these and other fascinating facts, If You Were Me and Lived in…Russia is the perfect way to both entertain and educate your children about the great big world that exists outside their windows. From Russia’s festive New Year’s celebrations to popular Russian names, this charming addition to the If You Were Me and Lived in… family explains everything there is to know about one of the world’s most historic destinations.


First of all thank you so much to the author and Bostick Communications for allowing me to read and review this book. This book was well worth the 5 stars that I gave it in fact I would have given it more if I could have done as it was such an educational and well illustrated book.. It is part of a series of books which are good for introducing children to the cultures that there are around the world and I fully intend to get all the others apart from the one on Russia as I already have that one. Even I as an adult found it interesting to learn about the customs and traditions in Russia and I thought It was nice that it included some of the Russian words that a child can learn. I am sure my son will enjoy this book as he gets older and we will be using it as part of the Geography curriculum when we are Home Schooling. This is a book that i will both recommend to others as well as but for friends children.

Patches and Buttons by Jennifer Link


Jennifer Link was born and raised in Michigan where she obtained her background in Multimedia, Fine Art, and Crafts. She obtained her B.S. Degree in Animation in 2009 while studying at Westwood College. During this time she discovered how to combine traditional drawing with digital art. Her love for children, and obsession with all things art led her down the path of children’s book publishing.


  • Hardcover: 38 pages
  • Publisher: Outskirts Press (27 Mar 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1478730730
  • ISBN-13: 978-1478730736
  • Product Dimensions: 25.4 x 17.8 x 0.6 cm


This book centers around two characters named Patches the dog and Buttons the bunny. In this story we are taken on a short journey through the eyes of Buttons to understand why he is always frightened. He is afraid of every loud noise from the dog barking to the household appliances. No matter where he goes it seems the things he wants to get away from follow him. Learn how two animals who are so different can learn to come together and find friendship. Join me on this adventure of Patches and Buttons.


I want to start this review by thanking both the books author and Bostick Communications for allowing me to read and review this book.

This beautifully written and Illustrated book was well worth the five stars I gave it and I would have give it more if I could have done. The story was a lovely endearing one about a rabbit whos scared and a dog who wants go be the rabbits friend.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story to my son although I’m not sure he enjoyed it as much but I feel sure that as he gets older he will grow to love it.

I can say without reservation that I will not only reccommend the book to other people but it will also be one that I buy for other children as a gift.

Butterfly by Elle Harper




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    • Publisher: Wonder Women Publishing Limited (15 Jan 2014)
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    • Language: English
    • ASIN: B00HW7B3Q4


Grace Elliot is falling apart. Overwhelming tragedy has turned her world into a dark and lonely place. Facing the pain and the ghosts is impossible. Hiding her secret behind a mask of confidence and faking her life is the only thing she knows how to do. She’s alive…but not living.

Counsellor Ben Hardy is certain he can help Grace heal. Maybe it’s a way to rid himself of the demons haunting him from that one horrific night when his life shattered.

When they meet, everything changes, and their pasts offer them a remedy to save each other…until Ben’s traumatic history threatens to destroy the trust they’ve built.

Will the truth tear them apart? Or will it force them to understand the healing power of forgiveness and love?


Thank you to Elle and goodreads for allowing me to read this amazing well written book.

This book is well worth the five stars I have given it in fact if I could I would give it far more because it was a difficult subject to write about covered in a very sensitive and funny way.

When i finished reading the book my immediate thought was that it had been written in a way that it could be the journal that the main character in the book wrote during her recovery from her experience & said she wanted to publish.

The story as a whole was fantastic as it was about how different people people recover from different experiences they have in life a survivor of rape, a survivor of the results of a family member being raped and a woman surviving an abortion she had as a teenager.

I really identified with the main character, Grace, of this book as I have was raped by a longtime friend and boyfriend so I went through similar feelings for a longer time afterwards until I eventually saw a counsellor several years after the fact. I also neither screamed nor fought back when it was happening for self preservation purposes as the person involved had Scichzophrenia so I didn’t want to want to trigger him to have an outburst and hurt me.

I loved the developing love story in the book between Grace and Ben because they were so obviously well suited. Which is why I was so upset when it looked like Grace finding out about Ben’s whole past had ruined their burgeoning relationship but thankfully the strength of their feelings for each other won out. 

I fully intend to buy the book in paperback format because its a book that I definitely want on my bookshelf because of the lovely story and amazing writing as well as the beautiful cover art. And I fully intend to recommend the book highly to others as well both in person as well as on my blog.


Image of Elle Harper

Elle Harper is a pen name of International Bestselling and Award Winning Author Sibel Hodge.

Her work has been shortlisted for the Harry Bowling Prize 2008, Highly Commended by the Yeovil Literary Prize 2009, Runner Up in the Chapter One Promotions Novel Comp 2009, nominated Best Novel with Romantic Elements in 2010 by The Romance Reviews, Runner Up in the Best Indie Books of 2012 by Indie Book Bargains, and Winner of Best Children’s Book by eFestival of Words 2013. Her novella Trafficked: The Diary of a Sex Slave has been listed as one of the Top 40 Books About Human Rights by Accredited Online Colleges.

For her latest book releases, giveaways, and gossip, why not sign up to her newsletter at:

R(ead) Y(our) B(ookshelf)-a-thon & Weekly TBR for June 16 – 23

During this read-a-thon & this weeks TBR I will be reading the following books, all of which are review books:

1. Butterfly by Elle Harper (goodreads New Adult Book Club Read it! Review it! review book) 31% – Kindle Version

2. Heirs of War by Mara Valderran  (goodreads New Adult Book Club Read it! Review it! review book) 30% – Kindle Version,

3.  4. Eva of E-Ville (2 Starlette Universe by Kathy Johnson (from author via Bostick Communications) pg 44 – Paperback,

5. And the Sun Always Sets by Danny Odato – (from author via Bostick Communications) pg 23 – Paperback

6. Sakoon by Nishith Valsavada (goodreads New Adult Book Club Read it! Review it! review book)

7. Full Steam Ahead by Valerie Chase (goodreads New Adult Book Club Read it! Review it! review book) PDF version

8. Streamline by Jennifer Lane (goodreads New Adult Book Club Read it! Review it! review book)

9. A Million Miles Away by Elizabeth Corva (goodreads New Adult Book Club Read it! Review it! review book) mobi version

Book Review: Lunula by Alyssa Auch


Alyssa Auch Alyssa Auch  (GoodReads Author)


 born    in The United States

 gender    female


 twitter username   danally

genre   Young AdultFantasy

member since  April 2011

Alyssa Auch was born and raised in Pennsylvania with loving parents and three hilarious younger siblings. Her imagination was sparked by the lush, green forests and bright colors of her home that often spoke of other worlds only found in the magic of writing. She brought that inspiration into the fantasy novels she so loves to create.

Currently, Alyssa is a senior at Brigham Young University-Idaho studying Marriage and Family Relations with a minor in English. She is married to her High School sweetheart, and they have three beautiful children who keep them both very occupied. Although her novels are often written in the late hours of the night and during cherished naptime blocks, she devotes a very special part of herself to the power of words and love of storytelling.


Lunula (Irador Series, #1)


Format  Kindle Edition

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 Publisher    Malachite Quills Publishing (24 Nov 2013)

 Sold by  Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.

Language    English


  •  Synopsis

 The witch knows he will hunt her. 

 If history repeats itself, as it always does, Wynn will have no choice but to cross paths with her feared counterpart, the  warlock. If given the chance, he would kill Wynn, absorbing her aura and obtaining ultimate power. In a desperate attempt to outrun destiny, Wynn moves from place to place, hoping to stray from the map laid out by the Fates. But by chance, on an urgent errand for Queen Alexandria herself, Wynn finds she has fallen into the hands of the one man she so hopelessly fled from. Now his captive, Wynn must guard her secret and that of her kingdom, or risk bringing forth a dark age not seen in hundreds of years.


Thanks Alyssa and goodreads new adult book club for allowing me to read this book.

It was worth the read as well as the 5 stars that I give it and if I could I would give it even more that’s how much I loved it. The authors writing style along with the World building & Character development kept me hooked throughout the book.

Wynn the main character, a witch was such a lovable character who was vulnerable and strong in equal measure. The developing love story between Wynn and Gethan, the warlock was really lovely even though it was a forbidden love. But it made the ending even sadder though.

The story took Wynn to the Elven kingdom to get the Lunula a magical necklace which gives its owner ultimate power in order to take it back to her queen in exchange for the Elven Kings son who the queens kidnapped.

It was an interesting, intriguing and educational book as it showed you the cultures associated with each of the kingdoms in the world as well as how dangerous and all consuming magic both good and bad can be.

The Queen of the Kingdom Irador that Wyn was from was in fact the absolute antihesis of evil as well as being an emtionless individual where as Gethan the Dristilion King and Warlock who was supposed to be a wicked, cold hearted brut was in fact a gentle, kind and loving man who also had a dark side.

Book review: Nearly Broken by Devon Ashley


Devon Ashley Devon Ashley (Goodreads Author)


  born     in Huntington Beach, The United States

  gender   female


  genre     New AdultRomanceFantasy

  influences    Jane AustenJ.K. Rowling

  member since       March 2011

About this author


Ordained awarded 2011 Reader Views First Place for Best Fantasy

Favorite Silly Quote: Cedric didn’t die. Carlisle found him and turned him into Edward.   Interesting Fact: I share my birthday with my favorite author, Jane Austen.


Nearly Broken (Nearly, #1)

  • Format: Kindle Edition
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  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1482565080
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  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00D4C3US0

 Book Synopsis

We’d both gone missing at one point, but Claire had one thing I didn’t. Someone to notice. So why was I the one still here and she the one still gone? 

Nineteen year old Megan Smith has spent the past year working in a small town diner in the middle of nowhere. Life is quiet, simple, safe. Then comes the news that her look-a-like has gone missing. 


Still damaged both physically and mentally, Megan’s not looking to be noticed. Wherever she goes from here, it’s a road she needs to take alone. But when Nickolas Ellis takes the job as the new nightshift cook, it scares her how easily her defenses crumble down, down, down for him. But there are secrets she can’t bear to share with just anyone, unspeakable acts that continue to haunt, and when the similarities of Claire’s abduction couples with the fear of an unwanted visitor in town, the urge to run before it all happens again intensifies, threatening the only happiness Megan’s ever found.

New Adult Romantic Suspense / Dark Realistic Fiction


First of all I’d like to say thanks to Devon and goodreads New Adult book club read it review it scheme for allowing me to read this book.

I loved the story as the author covered a very difficult subject matter ‘Rape and People Trafficking’ in a very sensitive way. Megan a Nineteen year old girl who was kidnapped on her way to school by a people trafficking for sex ring.

Throughout this book Megan’s character development was fantastic because she went from being a scared girl who didn’t trust anyone after her escape from the sex trafficas and believing she had no family, to being a girl that not only learned to trust people to certain a degree but to get into a relationship as well as to find out that she did in fact have a family and boyfriend that love her. 

It was after returning to her family and finding that her name was actually Clair that she found her self being kidnapped again by the brother of the very man who had kept her imprisoned and who she had inevitably killed him. However this even ends up being a fairly happy occasion as she’s saved by the police and reunited with her family and boyfriend.

Book Review: The Darkness of Gold by K.R. Slifer


K.R. Slifer                                   Goodreads Author

K.R. Slifer url                             

born                                   New York, The United States

gender                               female

influences                       Diana Gabaldon; Garth Nix; Maya Angelou; Sherrilyn Kenyon; Jane Austen…more

member since                September 2013

Author Biography       I grew up in New York City on the Upper East Side. From an early age, I loved to tell stories and to create a world of make believe.

                                                        I first began to write my stories down in second grade, starting with the story of two hamsters and their quest to defeat the other household pet, a snake. From there, I constantly wrote poetry and short                                                           stories. Whether sitting in the hallway at school or basking in the summer sun, a book could always be found in my hand.                                                        I attended Ithaca College and earned a Bachelor Degree in Creative Writing.I currently live in Charleston, South Carolina working at a hotel by day and as a writer by night. At the moment, I am busy writing the second book in The White Healer series.


The Darkness of Gold

 Product Details

Vanora wakes up on her eighteenth birthday to a crimson sky and the crisp beginnings of Autumn. It is the day of her Recognition, the day she needs to prove her worth and prove she is powerful enough to be not only the Princess, but the next Healer of the Kingdom of Alethedreda.

However, destiny has other plans. The curling fog of doom has reached the drawbridge of the castle, taking hold of all who dwell within.

The Darkness–the Antithesis of Life–has been unleashed upon the kingdom, wreaking havoc upon the land and it’s people, and thrusting Vanora into the life of a Healer. Unprepared and afraid, she must leave her home and travel across the land. Through the snow capped Damik Mountains to the glittering ocean city of Ulan, Vanora is pushed beyond her physical and emotional limits, going against all that she knows about herself and the world she lives in. Her only companions are a royal Faerie named Zane and her spirit animal, Thea.

Regardless of the cost, Vanora must save the kingdom and defeat the creator of the Darkness… no matter who it turns out to be


First of all I would like to thank the author & goodreads for letting me read this book. I gave the book 5 stars as it well deserved it in fact I would have given it more if I could have done as it more than deserved more.

The authors writing was so fantastic that it pulled you in the world within the story as well as the emerging love story between Venora the Healer and Zane the Fairy who’s the fairy queens advisor. The descriptions given of characters and scenes made you feel like you were actually part of the story.

Vanora found out on her 18th birthday that she had to go on a quest to destroy the Creator of the Darkness, a kind of plague. She discovered this during her coming into powers ceremony as she’s a healer. During her journey across several kingdoms we came into contact with many other characters including her Spirit guide Thea, A Kayden a minion of the creator of the darkness, the Inn Kepper in Ulan and the horses that carried Venora and Zane on in their journey from U;an.

There were happy and sad times through out the story the saddest being at the end when Venora found out that the creator of the Darkness was in fact her brother as she had to kill him.

Sweet Summer Read-a-Thon & Weeks TBR for June 9 -15 round-up

I have decided to take part in this read-a-thon and it is my Intention to try to read an average of 200 pages a day, 11 pages per book per day, by reading the following books:

1 Nearly Broken by Devon Ashley – Finished

2 Heirs of War by Mara Valderran

3 Butterfly by Sibel Hodge – Started

4 The Octavian Latticework by Jack Belmonte (Non read)

5 Consequences by Aleatha Romig (nothing read)

6 Rock it by Jennifer Chance (nothing read)

7 Lunula by Malachite Quills Publishing (Finished)

8 Talented (1 Talented) by Sophie Davis (Non read)

9 Shadow Hunt (1 Arash) by Elke Schuster (nom read)

10 Heartland: On the Side of Angels (1 the Liberty and Property Legends) by Terri Sedmak (non read)

11 Moonfall (non read)

12 Red 1-2-3 (non read)

13 One to a Million by Tim Cole (non read)

14 Sakoon by Nishith Vasavada (non read)

15 Full Steam Ahead by Valerie Chase (non read)

16 A Million Miles Away by Elizabeth Corva (non read)

17 Streamline by Jennifer Lane (non read)

18. Eva of E-Ville (2 Starlette Universe by Kathy Johnson (started 5/6, read to pg 44 )

19.  AND THE SUN ALWAYS SETS by DANNY ODATO (started 4/6, read to pg 23)

Amazon free Books I have

Title Author Date 

Washington and Nancy
Derbyshire, David 17 Feb 2014
The Villa in Italy
Edmondson, Elizabeth 27 May 2014
Where There’s Smoke
Picoult, Jodi 27 May 2014
Wanted: A Leopold Blake Thriller (A Private Investigator Series of Crime and Suspense Thrillers)
Stephenson, Nick 27 May 2014
Marti Talbott’s Highlander Series 1 (Anna, Rachel & Charlet)
Talbott, Marti 26 May 2014
Stray (Touchstone)
Höst, Andrea K. 26 May 2014
Vampire Apocalypse Books 1 – 3
Gunn, Derek 23 May 2014
Deep Blue Secret (The Water Keepers)
Anderson, Christie 23 May 2014
Rise of the Fallen (Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance, Urban Fantasy) (All the King’s Men)
Lynne, Donya 23 May 2014
One Last Great Wickedness
Stansfield, David 23 May 2014
BROKEN (The Crystor Series)
Bryant, C.K. 23 May 2014
Far Horizons (The Emigrants Trilogy)
Hewitt, Kate 23 May 2014
The Bone Church: A Novel
Dougherty, Victoria 21 May 2014
Offside (The Barker Triplets)
Stone, Juliana 21 May 2014
The Pride of the King
Hughes, Amanda 21 May 2014
Death by Obsession (Book #8 in the Caribbean Murder series)
Skye, Jaden 14 May 2014
he Sable City (The Norothian Cycle)
McNally, M. Edward
Sliding Beneath the Surface: [The St. Augustine Trilogy, Book I]
Dillon, Doug 14 May 2014
Suspending Reality (Five Fantasy Books)
Peebles, Chrissy 10 May 2014
Deadly Magic (A Grace Holliday Cozy Mystery)
Crabtree, Elisabeth 10 May 2014
Echoes of a Storm (The Storm Series)
Scott, Alan 10 May 2014
Airel: The Awakening (The Airel Saga, Book 1) (Young Adult Paranormal Romance)
Patterson, Aaron, White, Chris 10 May 2014
Playing Truant
Eider, John 10 May 2014
Gavin, Liz 10 May 2014
Meant to Be (The Saving Angels Series)
King, Tiffany
The Glassheart Chronicles
Bryan, J.L. , Cole , Courtney , Williams , Nicole , King , Tiffany , Maurer-Jones, Amy , Emerson , Wren , Amelie , Fisher 10 May 2014
Kids: Terry Treetop and the Lost Egg: (Animal habitats) (Rhymes eBook) (Adventure & Education series for ages 3-8) (Bedtime Stories Children’s Books for Early / Beginner Readers)
Carmi, Tali 10 May 2014
Twin Souls (Nevermore, Book 1) – A Vampire Hunter Novel
Poe, K.A. 10 May 2014
Enchanted Secrets (Witches Of Bayport)
Middleton, Kristen 10 May 2014
Iron and Rust: free sampler (Throne of the Caesars, Book 1)
Sidebottom, Harry 10 May 2014
Alexa O’Brien Huntress Series Book 1-4 Box Set
Lee, Trina M. 10 May 2014
Night Class
Crow, Hannah 10 May 2014
Murder on the Isle of Capri, Italy (Ryan-Hunter Mysteries)
Donahue, Dr. Karen, Donahue, Thomas 10 May 2014
Abbot’s Keep: A Ghost Story
Ashforth, Benedict 10 May 2014
Love, Me
White, Tiffany 10 May 2014
A Reason to Live (Marty Singer Mystery #1)
Iden, Matthew 10 May 2014
Against The Odds (Anna Dawson #1)
Jacobs, Mara 10 May 2014
The Publicist Book One and Two
George, Christina 10 May 2014
Forbidden Call (New Breed Novels, Book 1)
Bourke, Martha 10 May 2014
The Big, Not-So-Small, Curvy Girls Dating Agency (Plush Daisies: BBW Romance)
Catori, Ava 10 May 2014
Silent Orchids (The Age of Alandria: Book One)
Wylie, Morgan 10 May 2014
Ruby Lee and the VERY BIG DEAL
Buffington, Nancy 10 May 2014
ONCE UPON A LIE (A Fitzjohn Mystery)
Paterson, Jill 7 May 2014
The Glass Girls
Johnston, Eric Scott 7 May 2014
The Sometime Bride
Baird, Ginny 7 May 2014
Life Among the Dead
Cotton, Daniel 7 May 2014
The Influence of Old Norse Literature on English Literature
Nordby, Conrad Hjalmar 3 May 2014
In Freedom’s Cause : a Story of Wallace and Bruce
Henty, G. A. (George Alfred) 3 May 2014
The Talisman
Scott, Walter 3 May 2014
Quentin Durward
Scott, Sir Walter 3 May 2014
Westward Ho!, or, the voyages and adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight, of Burrough, in the county of Devon, in the reign of her most glorious majesty Queen Elizabeth
Kingsley, Charles 3 May 2014
Silas Marner
Eliot, George
Alton Locke, Tailor and Poet An Autobiography
Kingsley, Charles 3 May 2014
Just Add Water (Hetta Coffey Series)
Schwartz, Jinx 1 May 2014
The Dragon Coin (The Judas Chronicles #4)
James, Aiden 1 May 2014
Eleven Days: An Unexpected Love (Days Trilogy Book 1)
Lindy, Lora 1 May 2014
The Whale Song Translation: A Voyage of Discovery To Neptune and Beyond
Pines, Howard Steven 1 May 2014
So I’m a Double Threat (Double Threat Series)
Prestsater, Julie 1 May 2014
Social Death: A Clyde Shaw Mystery
Boncompagni, Tatiana 1 May 2014
The Great Talent Show Lie
Bleik, Pricilla 1 May 2014
Edge of Shadows (Shadows #1)
Smith, Cege 1 May 2014
The Den (Book #1 in the Vampire’s Witch Saga)
Abrahams, Jennifer 1 May 2014
The Ghost of Blackwood Lane
Enslen, Greg 28 April 2014
Deathwatch (Broslin Creek)
Marton, Dana 28 April 2014
Shades of Gray: A Novel of the Civil War in Virginia
James, Jessica 28 April 2014
Dark Creations: Gabriel Rising (Part 1&2)
Martucci, Jennifer, Martucci, Christopher 28 April 2014
Planet Urth (Book 1) (Planet Urth Series)
Martucci, Jennifer, Martucci, Christopher 28 April 2014
Concealed in the Shadows
Arrowsmith, Gabrielle 28 April 2014
Betting On You (Always a Bridesmaid)
Evans, Jessie 28 April 2014
Chop, Chop (Chop, Chop Series)
Cronk, L.N. 28 April 2014
Remembrance (The Transcend Time Saga)
Madow, Michelle 28 April 2014
Frey (The Frey Saga)
Wright, Melissa 27 April 2014
Scent of Lilacs, The (The Heart of Hollyhill Book #1)
Gabhart, Ann H. 27 April 2014
How to Date an Alien (My Alien Romance)
Vernon, Magan 27 April 2014
Secrets (The Michelli Family Series Book #1): A Novel
Heitzmann, Kristen 27 April 2014
The Lutheran Ladies’ Circle: Plucking One String
Knorr, Kris, Froman, Barb 27 April 2014
Outcome (Breakers)
Robertson, Edward W. 27 April 2014
CLOCKWISE (The Clockwise series)
Strauss, Elle, Strauss, Lee 27 April 2014
Run (The Hunted: Book One)
Larsen, Patti 27 April 2014
Quest for the Lost Treasure (“Choose Your Own Path” Adventure in a Beautifully Illustrated Picture Book, for Ages 3-8)
Gaston, Gerry 27 April 2014
Watchers of the Night
Keith, Matthew 27 April 2014
A Charge of Valor (Book #6 in the Sorcerer’s Ring)
Rice, Morgan 27 April 2014
Watcher’s Web (Return of the Aghyrians)
Jansen, Patty
The Curtain – A Novel
Ord, Patrick 27 April 2014
Bitten (The One Rises)
Wolfe, Anna 27 April 2014
The Housewife Assassin’s Handbook (A Funny Romantic Mystery)
Brown, Josie 27 April 2014
She Belongs To Me (Southern Suspense Series)
DeSousa, Carmen
The Keepers (The Alchemy Series)
Augustine, Donna 27 April 2014
Plaster Scene
Holley, Michael 23 April 2014
Freaking Freak
Jacks, Jon 19 April 2014
Little Drifters: Part 1 of 4
O’Shea, Kathleen 19 April 2014
Now or Never
Bennett, A.J.
Moon Struck: Book 1 (When, Were, and Howl)
Raleigh, Jeanette 19 April 2014
The New Arrival: Part 1 of 3: The Heartwarming True Story of a 1970s Trainee Nurse
Beeson, Sarah 19 April 2014
My Savior Forever (Forever Series #1)
Green, Vicki 19 April 2014
The Turning
P.R., Steven 19 April 2014
Man’s Best
Bush, Clara 19 April 2014
Brooks, Adrianne
Dark Realms
Middleton, Kristen 19 April 2014
Six Months in Montana (Montana Sweet Western Romance Series)
Kelley, Pamela M. 19 April 2014
Duel of Assassins
Pollock, Dan 19 April 2014
When Wishes Collide (Wish Series #3)
Freethy, Barbara 19 April 2014
Scandal’s Child
Bodine, Sherrill 19 April 2014
Head Over High Heels (A Glamorous Life Novel)
Gibson, Marley 19 April 2014
OBSESSIVE (The Issues Series)
Irons, Isobel 18 April 2014
Wake for Me (Life or Death Series)
Irons, Isobel 18 April 2014
Bowen, Jasmine 16 April 2014
Hearts of Clover(Half My Heart & Change My Heart)(The Clover Series)
Stewart, Danielle 14 April 2014
The Taking of Snow White: Forever Taken: Book One
Darcy, Christian M. 14 April 2014
A Beautiful Lie (Playing with Fire, #1)
Sivec, Tara 14 April 2014
So Much to Learn
Star, Jessie L.
Nice Girl to Love: Three-Book Collection (#1 Resisting the Bad Boy, #2 Falling for the Good Guy, #3 Choosing the Right Man)
Duke, Violet 14 April 2014
What You Leave Behind
Katoff, Jessica 4 April 2014
The Legend of the Bloodstone (Time Walkers Book 1)
Brown, E.B.
Dead Dreams Book 1: A Young Adult Psychological Thriller
Right, Emma 4 April 2014
A to Z of Silly Animals – The Best Selling Illustrated Children’s Book for All Ages by Sprogling (The Silly Animals Series)
Sprogling’s Children’s Books 17 Mar 2014
City of Gold
Deighton, Len 15 Mar 201
The Girl in the Box Series, Books 1-3: Alone, Untouched and Soulless
Crane, Robert J. 15 Mar 2014
Lucy the Lemur Says: I’m Not Shy! (A Christian Children’s eBook for Kids on Overcoming Shyness and Anxiety)
Elise, Hannah 25 Feb 2014
Number FOUR World Facts (Knowledge Book Series) (Boosting Brain Power) (Age 4-10)(Bedtime & Dreaming)
TheBrothers 25 Feb 2014
On the Wings of Love; the Poetry of Sadie Lopez
Lopez, Sadie
Anything You Need (Heaven in my Heart (pre/early teen series))
Wilber, Melanie 17 Feb 2014
Winter’s Storm: Retribution (Winter’s Saga 2)
Luellen, Karen 17 Feb 2014
Chasing Sam (Vegas Mates Series, Novella) (#1)
Shannan, Krystal 17 Feb 2014
Sometimes It Is Rocket Science
Thorpe, Kara 17 Feb 2014
Three Women in Love
Dellinger, Jeanne
Crestview Academy: Molli
Reigenborn, Misty
Return to the Double S Ranch (Double S Ranch – Rance)
Jo, Kerry 17 Feb 2014
Lewis, L M
Coming Home
Keefer, Teresa 17 Feb 2014
Betsy’s Choice – Book 2 of Wolf Dreaming (Previously known as Fort Kelly)
Amisse, Kerry 17 Feb 2014
Path to His Love (Born Again)
Carson, J.D. 17 Feb 2014
I Dance For You (A Kelly Stone Sequel)
Stone, Kelly 17 Feb 2014
The Bad Boy’s Secret
Stevens, Susan, Bowen, Jasmine 17 Feb 2014
The Outlaw
Rose, Elizabeth 17 Feb 2014
The Seduction of Sir Gawain
Glowka, Arthur Wayne 17 Feb 2014
Two Books in One – Ominous Love and Paradox – The Angels Are Here
Puddle, Patricia, Roberts, Patti 17 Feb 2014
The Eden Effect
Lincoln, PJ 17 Feb 2014
Divine Liaisons
Poppet 17 Feb 2014
BloodRose (The BloodRose Series, Book #1)
Raindance, Cassidy 17 Feb 2014
Evolving Dreams (New Beginnings Series)
Tepe, Mandie 17 Feb 2014
Truly Madly Deeply
Knox, Sara S.
Cherry Cobbler (The Blackberry County Chronicles)
Reardon, JoHannah 17 Feb 2014
Flirting with Magick
Bennett, Leigh 17 Feb 2014
The Happy Housewife
Cooch, Kate 17 Feb 2014
Her Eligible Escort
Baxter, Lavinia 17 Feb 2014
One more and we’ve gotta go
Bratt, Steve 17 Feb 2014
A Distant Melody (Wings of Glory Book #1): A Novel
Sundin, Sarah 7 Feb 2014
Through Eyes of Love (The Keeping Secrets Series, Book 2)
Browning, Pamela 7 Feb 2014
Ever Since Eve (The Keeping Secrets Series, Book 1)
Browning, Pamela 7 Feb 2014
Bee, Em 7 Feb 2014
The New Patrol: Episode 1
McNab, Andy 7 Feb 2014
I Shit You Not
Keane, D 7 Feb 2014
Lake Michigan Blues
Miyaki, Ryu, Webb, Eryck 7 Feb 2014
Sakai, Sayuri 7 Feb 2014
The Secret Lives of Julie Newmar – Volume 1 #0
Shapiro, Marc, Newmar, Julie 7 Feb 2014
The Wright Brothers
Helfand, Lewis 7 Feb 2014
The Daddy Pact (Coach’s Boys)
James, Kristy K. 6 Feb 2014
A French Girl in New York (The French Girl Series #1)
Adams, Anna 6 Feb 2014
Godhunter (The Godhunter)
Sumida, Amy
Lady Danger (The Warrior Maids of Rivenloch)
Campbell, Glynnis 6 Feb 2014
Soul Taken (The Life After trilogy)
Duncan, Katlyn 6 Feb 2014
Hybrid (The Evolution Trilogy)
Wester, Vanessa 6 Feb 2014
Seasons of the Moon Series, Books 1-4: Six Moon Summer, All Hallows’ Moon, Long Night Moon, and Gray Moon Rising
Reine, SM 6 Feb 2014
Bloom (The Bloom Trilogy)
Kensey, A.P. 6 Feb 2014
Give Me Reason-Reason Series #1 (The Reason Series)
Derrick, Zoey 6 Feb 2014
Girl with Guitar (Kylie Ryans)
Quinn, Caisey 6 Feb 2014
Stardust (Peaches Monroe Trilogy)
Strong, Mimi 6 Feb 2014
Bring On the Heat: Romance Box Set (Bad Boys and Alphas and Handcuffs, Oh my!)
Bradley, Eden, Carr, Cassandra, Julian, Stephanie, Kallyn, Amber, Kohl, Keira, Kraft, Adriana, Lai, Emma, Leod, Anh, Mayburn, Ann, Quinn, Cari 6 Feb 2014
Her Billion Dollar Vow (The Billion Dollar Sitter)
DeGaulle, Eliza 6 Feb 2014
High Heels in New York (Book One) (Fashion Series)
SCOTT, A.V. 6 Feb 2014
Beyond Control (Beyond Love)
Bolton, Karice 6 Feb 2014
In Love With a Billionaire (Book 1)
Lane, Tanya 6 Feb 2014
Promise You Won’t Tell?
Locke, John 6 Feb 2014
The Lost Children: Part 1 of 3
MacCracken, Mary 6 Feb 2014
Draw Me In (Greenpoint Artists)
Quinn, Talia 6 Feb 2014
The Lake (The Lake Trilogy, Book 1)
Grant, AnnaLisa 6 Feb 2014
Close Quarters: The Forbidden Billionaire (Part One) (BDSM And Domination Erotic Romance Novelette)
Meadows, Ana 6 Feb 2014
Blue Steele – Box Set – Captures 1-6
Wells, Donald 6 Feb 2014
The Romanov Legacy
Wiltz, Jenni 6 Feb 2014
Craving For Curves #1 (BBW Erotic Romance)
Rosado, Evelyn 6 Feb 2014
Just Jelly Beans and Jealousy (The Reed Brothers)
Falkner, Tammy 6 Feb 2014
Howl: Spirit Moon (Book One) (A BBW, Werewolf, Ghost Story)
Grove, Scarlett 6 Feb 2014
Shifter Witch On Hell’s Road Boxed Set (Books 1-5)
Night, Trinity 6 Feb 2014
Blood and Justice (A Private Investigator Series of Crime Thrillers)
Hill, Rayven T. 6 Feb 2014
Caliber Detective Agency – Box Set – Case Files 1-6
Wells, Donald 6 Feb 2014
Shadows and Ice (Green River Crime & Horror)
Bain, David 6 Feb 2014
My Devouring Love: The First Weeks: A Zombie Novel (Book 1)
Neville-Theiler, Donna 6 Feb 2014
Konitah: She can smell your fear
Anor, Elle 6 Feb 2014
Seven Sons (Gypsy Brothers)
St Germain, Lili 6 Feb 2014
Marked: City of the Damned Book 1
Drummond, Everly 6 Feb 2014
‘Til Death Do Us Part (an adult retelling of The Little Mermaid)
Hardy, Dianna 4 Feb 2014
Dominus (3 Requiem Series)
Fonseca, Christine 31 Jan 2014
Libera Me (2 Requiem Series)
Fonseca, Christine 31 Jan 2014
Lacrimosa (1 Requiem Series)
Fonseca, Christine 31 Jan 2014
Lila and Ethan: Forever and Always
Sorensen, Jessica 27 Jan 2014
Naked Edge (Rocky Mountain Romance: A New Adult Contemporary Romance)
Webb, Charli 24 Jan 2014
First Ink (Wicked Ink Chronicles)
Wright, Laura 23 Jan 2014
Glimpse (Zellie Wells)
Benefiel, Stacey Wallace 23 Jan 2014
The Way You Look Tonight: The Sullivans
Andre, Bella 22 Jan 2014
Alien Species Intervention: Books 1-3 (Species Intervention #6609)
Accinni, J.K. 22 Jan 2014
The Sea of Storms (Lodestone)
Whiteway, Mark 21 Jan 2014
The Single Shoe Mystery (Rigging A Murder)
Marie, Janine 20 Jan 2014
Born (The Born Trilogy)
Brown, Tara, Watson, AE 20 Jan 2014
Broken (Reflections Volume 1)
Murray, Dean 20 Jan 2014