Monthly Missions: September

This Month I intend to:

  • Read the following books:
    1. The Saga of the Black Wolf by A. Katie Rose
      1. In a Wolf’s Eyes (finish)
      2. Catch a wolf
    2. Jhanmar – World Travellers (Arash 2) by Elke Schuster (Kindle Book)
    3. Crowther and Westerman Omnibus by Imogen Robertson (Kindle Book)
      1. Instruments of Darkness (Finish)
      2. Anatomy of Murder
      3. Island of Bones
    4. The Minaturist by (Netgalley, Kindle book)
    5. The Girl on the Train by (NetGalley, Kindle Book)
    6. Doon Series by
      1. Doon
      2. Destined for Doon
    7. Opal (#3 Lux) by Jennifer L. Armentrout
    8. Bonita Avenue by  (Blogging for Books, ebook)
    9. Sisters Red (#1 Fairytales Retold) by
  • Do my …
    1. Week in Rewind posts each week
    2. Monday Missions posts each week (posted by 00:00 on Monday)
    3. Currently Reading post each week (posted by 00:00 on Friday)
    4. Month in rewind: books video (posted by (00:00 on 01/09)
    5. Currently Reading & To be Read in the coming month Video (posted last week of month – you tube and blog)
    6. Plan with me Video:
      1. Weekly Video beginning of every week (posted every monday – you tube and Blog)
      2. Month Video beginning of each month (posted the first day of each month)
    7. Travellers Notebook up date middle of the month