How should one feel when told they are infertile

When I was diagnosed with both of these conditions it was a relief because I finally knew why I had always suffered with unbearable period pains. Having said that I did feel really bemused because my consultant gave me no information about the conditions.
A few weeks after I received the diagnosis once it had started to get my head around the stuff that I had been told I started doing some research on each of the conditions which was quite helpful if a bit confusing because a lot of the information was quite medically based so confusing. The break through came when I went back to my GP and talked to them about it as they gave me some information which I could actually understand as was well as giving me some helpful web sites for organisations that support people with each of the conditions.
How ever the consultant that I was under at our local hospital where we were living at the the time was about as much help ad support as a chocolate fire guard because all she was interested in was pushing me to have IVF which at the time was entirely the wrong thing for me as I had not dealt with all my feelings about having the conditions yet.

So what’s next for becoming parents

During the last month myself and my husband have moved on a few more steps with our quest to become parents.
On the 16th May we had our IVF consultants appointment in London where our consultant referred us to the IVF Clinic on site at the hospital immediately then we had our bloods taken for them to do all the necessary blood tests. As soon the consultant referred us to the clinic we immediately went round to the clinic where they booked us in for a Nurse Co-ordination appointment on June 21st.

I then had an Internal scan on the 31st of scan which confirmed that we were good to go for the IVF but they also confirmed that my consultant diagnosis’s of PCOS and Endometriosis were wrong because intact I only have Endometriosis. Which really threw me a curve ball because I have spent the last 6 years coming to terms with having both of the conditions and now having to go through the whole process again but just for the Endometriosis.

At this same appointment we were given the prescription for the first two lots of medications for me. Which I then had to start the day after my next period started which was due/and came on the Saturday, for the first of the two anyway.