When I was diagnosed with both PCOS and Endometriosis it was a relief because I ‘ finally knew why I had always suffered with unbearable period pains. Having said that I did feel really bemused because my consultant gave me no information about the conditions.
A few weeks after I received the diagnosis once it had started to get my head around the stuff that I had been told I started doing some research on each of the conditions which was quite helpful if a bit confusing because a lot of the information was quite medically based so confusing. The break through came when I went back to my GP and talked to them about it as they gave me some information which I could actually understand as was well as giving me some helpful web sites for organisations that support people with each of the conditions.
How ever the consultant that I was under at our local hospital where we were living at the the time was about as much help ad support as a chocolate fire guard because all she was interested in was pushing me to have IVF which at the time was entirely the wrong thing for me as I had not dealt with all my feelings about having the conditions yet.