How to make Collage Cards
Materials etc.

Make a Blank Card:

Step 1: Cut blank cards

Step 2: Fold the cards

Create a collage
Try out various arrangements before you commit to one and glue. Use bits of paper, fabric, ribbon, and trim for your design. Japanese and art papers, pictures pulled from magazines, old calendars, postcards, and even paint chips will fit the bill. Add bits of velvet, silk, wool, and snazzy print fabrics for tactile quality and to add dimension.
Step 1: Cut out and test trim

Step 2: Glue trim to cards

Step 3: Use your sewing machine!

Step 4: Add beads or buttons

Step 5: Cover the stitches

Make Custom Envelopes:
If you don’t have an envelope into which the new card will fit, just make one. Take apart an old envelope to use as a pattern.
Step 1: Create and cut out a pattern

Step 2 Create a more interesting envelope.