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Book Review: Looking for Alaska by John Green

I only got this book because it was a goodreads book club reading choice but boy am I glad I did because it was a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining book.

The book is about a young boy named Miles who attends a boarding school & it follows him from his first day at the School “Culver Creek” through his first year at the school. The way John Greene describes Miles’ trials and tribulations at the school along with his love for friend & class mate Alaska Young and his developing friendships with fellow class mates Chip “the colonel” Martin (room mate) & Takumi Hikohito is fantastic and makes you want to keep reading the book.

Alaska is the impitimy of the ubah cool but messed up teenage girl who everybody loves but is always getting herself into trouble. While Chip is the chilled intellectual boy who was raised in a Trailor Park by his mum and has got the nickname of the colonel because of his ability to plan pranks with military precision.
I would and will recommend this book to friends and family. I bought the book as an ebook.