5 stars out 0f 5

I loved this book so much it only took me three days to read it. This book is the retelling of the story of Cinderella & it follows the story of a gifted cyborg mechanic from New Beijing, who is reviled by her Stepmother (guardian) and is blamed for her sisters sudden illness.

Then to make things worse she becomes entwined with the life of the Commonwealths Handsome Prince Kai, who becomes emperor after his fathers death, which lands her in the middle of violent struggle between the desires of a evil queen from the moon and a dangerous temptation.

Merissa’s writing is amazing  which meant that the descriptions of the Characters and the world were that good that as a reader you felt like you were actually part of the story which is why it was so hard to put down, so only took 3 days to read. All the way through the book you had sympathy with Cinder because of the way her step family treat her and so the situations she got into because of it.