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Jack Belmonte     Pages:                 Hardcover    324        Kindle 324    ebook 305

     Publish Date:   Hardcover  March 27 2013    Kindle /ebook March 17 2013

     Publisher:          Voltaire Publishing

     ISBN:                   Hardcover 0989177513 (ISBN13: 9780989177511)

                                    ebook  9780989177504

    ASIN:                    Kindle B003A02OME

Book Synopsis

America, 2023.

Johnny Luca is a rookie counter-terrorism agent for the U.S. Anti-Subversion Authority. He and his partner, Julius Fullerton, are on the heels of Brigade 910, a domestic terror group led by the shadowy Octavian. Together they stumble upon the nightmarish terror attack that Octavian is planning—a symphony of destruction known as Project Orion.

Meanwhile, Reed Wilkins is a President in crisis. He has vowed to veto the draconian Total Information Awareness Act, a law that would give the government sweeping powers to turn America into a surveillance state. For his opposition, Wilkins knows he will be assassinated—by Alexander Bryson, the ultra-nationalist Director of the Anti-Subversion Authority. Determined to defeat Bryson and destroy the new law, Wilkins reaches out to Agent Hunter Peterson, an old friend and the leader of Luca and Fullerton’s team.

When Luca discovers that his late detective father investigated Octavian in the last year of his life, the young agent sets in motion a chain of events that plunges the team into the heart of both plots—the Project Orion terror attack and the plan to assassinate President Wilkins.

From the streets of Newark to the World Trade Center in Manhattan, through secret passageways beneath Washington to midnight meetings at Arlington National Cemetery, Jack Belmonte’s debut novel will take you to an America under siege, where freedom and tyranny struggle for supremacy at zero hour.

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Jack Belmonte lives in Washington, DC.