Book Synopsis

“My name is Natasha, and I’m a gigantic slut. Don’t believe me? Just ask anyone. They’ll tell you I juggle dicks like a six armed circus freak with nymphomania. They’ll tell you I’ve slept with the entire football team, twice. (Including the coach, who’s like 85 years old, by the way.) So what if none of that shit is true? That doesn’t make me any less of a slut. They’ll probably tell you that, too. But there’s one thing they won’t tell you, and that’s my side of the story.”

Natasha “Tash” Bohner just turned eighteen. Theoretically, that should mean escaping from trailer park purgatory—and her less than stellar relationship with her widowed mother—and running away to Los Angeles with her anorexic best friend, Margot. But as we all know, life is known for taking some very shitty, unexpected turns. Already the scourge of the Guthrie High gossip mill, Tash’s undesirable reputation explodes into infamy when she assaults the captain of the wrestling team. (Despite the fact that he deserved it,) the principal tells her that she’s on her last strike.

Again, see: above. Re: shit happens. When Margot’s will to live is finally severed by the leader of the Guthrie Bitch Squad, Tash vows to get revenge on the most popular girl in school—no matter what it takes. Because of a promise she made to her favorite teacher (to not get expelled), Tash is forced to get creative. She realizes she’s going to have to beat the popularity-obsessed Becca Foster at her own game, by running against her for prom queen. And winning.

In order to succeed, Tash will have to do the unthinkable: she’ll have to join student government, pretend to be well-adjusted, and actually try in school. Also, she’ll have to quit swearing so goddamn much.

It’s like a fucking Cinderella story up in here. Only, it’s high school. So there aren’t any happy endings. (Just beginnings.)

PROMISCUOUS is a novel of “mature YA” / New Adult contemporary hard knocks, with a little bit of romance and a dark, yet FAR too relatable twist.

Book Review

5 stars out of five.

I gave this book a five out of five stars although I would  have given it more if I could because the story grabbed me immediately thanks to Isobel’s writing as it naturally draws you in to the story. The fact that the story is told from the first person perspective of the protagonist Tash is really clever and is another reason why the story grabbed me immediately.

This is the second Cinderella retelling that I have read the first one being Cinder which I loved but I think this one was actually better than that one. I preferred this one to Cinder because I Connected with the protagonist in the book easier than I did with Cinder as I was bullied when I was a school so I could understand where she was coming form.

I loved the character development that occurred for Tash from the beginning of the book, being an angry insecure girl with one friend and no boyfriend, to being a more rounded girl with less anger issues, a best friend, some other friends and a boyfriend.