Author Biography

New Image - Copy A lifelong resident of Las Vegas, the author lives with his wife   Stacy, and has two grown   sons: Travis and   Justin.  Their house is always filled with laughter and music, but it is their two miniature dachshunds, Bailey  and Coco, that truly rule the home.   This is his second book.

Book Information


   Edition:              ebook

   Publish Date:    May 1 2013

   Publisher:           Eternal Press

   ISBN:                  161572933X (ISBN13: 9781615729333)


Book Synopsis

Sometimes bullets aren’t enough! Alone and on her own, fifteen-year-old Sam Grace must fight her way through the horrors of a city overrun with hundreds of thousands of the living dead. However, the zombies are the least of her worries. Who can she trust? Is there anyone left to help when her bullets run out? Where can she escape to?

Book Information