Some choices are hard to live with.
But some choices will kill you.

When seventeen-year-old Anna first meets Rakan in her hometown north of the Arctic Circle, she is attracted to his pulsing energy. Unaware that he is a shape-shifting dragon, Anna is drawn into a murderous cycle of revenge that pits Rakan and his clan against her best friend June.

Torn between his forbidden relationship with Anna, punishable by death, and restoring his family’s honor by killing June, Rakan must decide what is right. And what is worth living – or dying – for.


I gave this book 5 stars because I loved it from beginning to end. The authors Writing style, duel perspect . ive, grabbed me as soon as I started reading the and kept me hooked until I finished it.

The character and scene descriptions were so amazing that they made me fell that I was actually one of the characters in the story as well as that I am seeing the places that are being described.

I also very quickly became addicted to the love story between the main characters Anna & Raken (the dragon) and June & Erling (dragons). As well as the story behind the relationship between the Dragons and the Elythia (people of the light Iangels)).

This book was so grate that I will recommend it to other people because I want people to be able to enjoy it like I did

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