Book Synopsis

Zombies for Young Adults!
Sometimes bullets aren’t enough!

Alone and on her own, fifteen-year-old Sam Grace must fight her way through the horrors of a city overrun with hundreds of thousands of the living dead. However, the zombies are the least of her worries. Who can she trust? Is there anyone left to help when her bullets run out? Where can she escape to?


I have given this book 5stars out of 5 because it gripped me from beginning to end so I would and will recommend it to others. As you got in to the book I loved the way Scott gave some of the back story of the family through flash backs that Sam has.

The descriptions of the characters and scenes in the book were grate and really made you feel like you were part of the story. I loved the character developments for both Sam and Brandon, especially their developing love story.

The way Scott described the way the Zombies looked and moved was amazing because it meant that I was able to imagine being one.

With the way that the book finished I have to say that I feel that it could have been part of a duology because it would have been lovely to see how the love story between Sam & Brandon developed, how Brandon and his Sister Ally settled in to life on the Messa as well as how Sam’s mothers character developed more from being a seriously Ill woman in bed to being back to being the centre of the Family again