City of Stairs Book Cover City of Stairs
Divine Cities #1
Robert Jackson Bennett
Sci-Fi Fantasy
Jo Fletcher Books
October 2, 2014
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You've got to be careful when you're chasing a murderer through Bulikov, for the world is not as it should be in that city. When the gods were destroyed and all worship of them banned by the Polis, reality folded; now stairs lead to nowhere, alleyways have become portals to the past, and criminals disappear into thin air. The murder of Dr Efrem Pangyui, the Polis diplomat researching the Continent's past, has begun something and now whispers of an uprising flutter out from invisible corners. Only one woman may be willing to pursue the truth - but it is likely to cost her everything.

The book was about the politics, culture and religious beliefs of a place called the continent, which I think is meant to be some in the far east. It is full of love, death (murder), mystery and intrigue.

I loved this fantastic book although at times I found it quite heavy going due to the combination of the cultural and historical religious basis of the story.

The Authors writing style and world building was great and at times made me feel like I was actually part of the story which made the story even more intrigiung. Shara the main character in the story was a very interesting, well educated, strong willed, gentle and loving person who was able to see things for what they were; and because of this was a character I connected with immediately and remained connected to through out the book. Her interactions with all the other characters really gave a me an idea of what they were like as individuals and how they developed as a group.

All the characters were really well developed but with room for further development in future books.

I will read this book again as well as recommend it to others and buy it as a gift for anyone I know who will enjoy it which is why I gave the book a 4 star rating. Having read this book and it being the first book in a series I know that I will without doubt read the other books.

This book was obtained from to be read in exchange for an honest unbiased review which I feel I have provided.

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Well I’m signing off now but If any of you out there have read this book I would love to know what you thought of it. Also would you recommend the other books in the series.

Fantastical book