For this Read-a-thon week I intend to

Finish Reading the following books:

The Octavian Lattice Work – Kindle

Touching Fire (Book 2, Touch Saga) by Airicka Phoenix – Kindle

Read as much as I can of the following books:

Heirs of War by Mara Valderran (GoodReads New Adult Read to Review) - Kindle 
Megans Cure by Bob ( - Kindle,

Secrets of the Alchemist (Order of Hermes) by J.L. Burger, Kindle Edition, 393 pages

The Crumbling Pageant by Patricia Burroughs (library thing early reviewers ) – Kindle, 550 pages

Stupid Girl by Cindy Miles (GoodReads New Adult Book club read to Review) – kindle, 332 pages

Streamline by Jennifer Lane (GoodReads New Adult book club read to review) – Kindle,  PDF format