I purchased this book soon after I read and reviewed the first book in this Saga, Touching Smoke, because I had enjoyed that book so much.. However I didn’t get around to reading it until I received the digital copy of the next book in the Saga Touching Fire directly from the Author.

It was at this time that I read this book because I felt I should read it before I read the next book so I could get some insight in to some of the Characters from the first book: Garrison, Isaiah and Amalie (only talked about in the first book as she’s already dead), so I could read the next book with more understanding of the characters as it was hard to understand why they were like they were sometimes in the first book.

As with the previous book Airicka’s writing kept me intrigued and wanting to read more due to the character, scene and  event descriptions provided as they made you feel that you were seeing as an onlooker rather than a reader. All the way through the book I had sympathy for Amalie due to the brutal evil treatment that she received at the hands of her father in the name so called “treatment” because he believed that she was mentally unstable like her mother; who killed her self in front of Amalie when she was a child. I could also see that the Love that she had for Isaiah and that she knew he had for her

It was interesting to find out that Isaiah had been found on the streets by Garrison as he lived rough on the street after the murder of his mother by her Pimp which he witnessed. Most of the way through the book you believed that Garrison had taken him home with him when he found him to give him a better life but ultimately you learned that he’d actually done to use him as part of Amaile’s Treatment. Because of this you feel sorry for him but also because Garrison wont allow Isaiah to be with Amalie even though they desperately want to be together but them being together wouldn’t reflect well on his research so he does everything he can to to keep them apart. This even goes as far as in the end when their trying to escape shooting her.

I will recommend this book other people and can’t wait to read the next book in the series.