I would like to read at least 1000 words this week if I can and the books/parts of books that I intend to read to achieve this word count are:

Goodreads New Adult Book club read! Review it Books:   Heirs of War by Mara Valderman (try to finish it – currently at location 621 0f 5820)

The Darkness of Gold by K.R Slifer ( try to finish – 183 pages to read)

Nearly Broken by Devon Ashley (try to finish – currently at location 167 of 3907)

Direct from Author Books :                                                        Starlette Universe Book 2 Eva from E-ville by Kathy Johnson (Paper back – try to get at                                                                                                                    least half way through it, Pg.56)

And the Sun Always Sets by Danny Odato (Paperback – try to get half way through it, pg                                                                                                                  98)

The Octavian Lattice Work by Jack Belmonte (finish it – location 5368 of 7805)

Talented – 1 Talented by Sophie Davies (get a quarter of the way through it (location 1573))

Books from Places like Netgalley etc:                                    The Woman Who Stopped Traffic by Daniel Pembray (get a 1/4 of the through location                                                                                                                    929.75 of 3719

Fairylicious by Tiffany Nicole Smith (currently at location 530 of 2275 – get 1/4 of the way                                                                                                              through location 436.25)

Rock It! by Jennifer Chance (currently on location 179 of 3211 – get a 1/4 of the way                                                                                                                          through, location 758

Moonfall by Vanessa Morton ((reviewing as part of a virtual book tour blog hop) currently                                                                                                              ovn Location 33 of 2854 – get a 1/4 of the way through, location 705.25)

Red 1-2-3 by  (get half way through (location 1049) currently on location 519 of 4727)

Books Won in Giveaways:                                                         The Name On your Wrist by  (paperback – try to get halfway through,pg 135)

Between Rage and Grace by   (Paperback – try to get half way through, pg 115)

Problem by Nom Pratt (Paper back – try to get half way through (pg 190), currently on page                                                                                                            19)

Other Books:                                                                                  Heartland: On the Side Of Angels – 1 The Liberty and Property Legends (Kindle: try to get                                                                                                                about  a quarter of the way through (2088.75 – Currently on location 295 0f 8155)

Shadow Hunt – 1 Arash (Kindle: try to get a quarter of the way through (location 1241.5) –                                                                                                               currently on location 59 of 4966)

Consequences – 1 Consequences (Kindle: try to get half way through (295) – currently on                                                                                                                 page 23 of 571)