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Alyssa Auch was born and raised in Pennsylvania with loving parents and three hilarious younger siblings. Her imagination was sparked by the lush, green forests and bright colors of her home that often spoke of other worlds only found in the magic of writing. She brought that inspiration into the fantasy novels she so loves to create.

Currently, Alyssa is a senior at Brigham Young University-Idaho studying Marriage and Family Relations with a minor in English. She is married to her High School sweetheart, and they have three beautiful children who keep them both very occupied. Although her novels are often written in the late hours of the night and during cherished naptime blocks, she devotes a very special part of herself to the power of words and love of storytelling.


Lunula (Irador Series, #1)


Format  Kindle Edition

File Size   729KB

Print Length  286 pages

 Publisher    Malachite Quills Publishing (24 Nov 2013)

 Sold by  Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.

Language    English


 The witch knows he will hunt her. 

 If history repeats itself, as it always does, Wynn will have no choice but to cross paths with her feared counterpart, the  warlock. If given the chance, he would kill Wynn, absorbing her aura and obtaining ultimate power. In a desperate attempt to outrun destiny, Wynn moves from place to place, hoping to stray from the map laid out by the Fates. But by chance, on an urgent errand for Queen Alexandria herself, Wynn finds she has fallen into the hands of the one man she so hopelessly fled from. Now his captive, Wynn must guard her secret and that of her kingdom, or risk bringing forth a dark age not seen in hundreds of years.


Thanks Alyssa and goodreads new adult book club for allowing me to read this book.

It was worth the read as well as the 5 stars that I give it and if I could I would give it even more that’s how much I loved it. The authors writing style along with the World building & Character development kept me hooked throughout the book.

Wynn the main character, a witch was such a lovable character who was vulnerable and strong in equal measure. The developing love story between Wynn and Gethan, the warlock was really lovely even though it was a forbidden love. But it made the ending even sadder though.

The story took Wynn to the Elven kingdom to get the Lunula a magical necklace which gives its owner ultimate power in order to take it back to her queen in exchange for the Elven Kings son who the queens kidnapped.

It was an interesting, intriguing and educational book as it showed you the cultures associated with each of the kingdoms in the world as well as how dangerous and all consuming magic both good and bad can be.

The Queen of the Kingdom Irador that Wyn was from was in fact the absolute antihesis of evil as well as being an emtionless individual where as Gethan the Dristilion King and Warlock who was supposed to be a wicked, cold hearted brut was in fact a gentle, kind and loving man who also had a dark side.