First of all thank you to Devon for allowing me to read and review this book. I gave it a 5 stars out of five because it was a fantastic continuation to what I am sure will be a grate series.

I loved this book because it was interesting to see the changes that Megan made to her life with Nick in order to get over what had happened to her when she was taken. Then how she changed her tack when Zander took her again from fighting against her situation to being totally compliant especially when she found that Zander had got Nick.

It was also interesting to see how Nick dealt with what happened to him as well as the changes that happened to Zander from being a mean, nasty bully to being a kind, gentle almost loving person.

When they escaped from Zander’s clutches and went to the police to report everything that had happened to them it was obvious that they were going to be in some kind of police protection for the rest of their lives so they couldn’t be taken again.

I can’t wait to see how the story develops more in the next book.

When Megan was taken again and Zander took her to a “party” which ended up being an auction and where she was violently raped by the houses owner who also was the person who was doing the laser treatments to correct her burn and cut scares. It was shocking to find out that all the time they believed they were safe and no where near Zander, he was not only just down the road from them but he also knew exactly what was happening in their lives because he had had a tracking device implanted in her.

I also liked the fact that Megan had a scare that she was pregnant because she hadn’t had a period for several months but she wasn’t then when Zander took her again she found out why she hadn’t had a period for a while when he told her that he’d made sure she had wouldn’t have a period by giving her a contraceptive jab

I have loved both of the books I have read in this series so far, on my kindle, that I fully intend to but the actual books eventually as well.