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Publisher: Outskirts Press (10 April 2014)
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     The World Indifferent Is Watching… Mariyum tells the story of her life in a small Pakistani  village, of her love of books      and learning, and the challenges of living with a father who has  given up on his family’s future. But the harsh reality of      her world suddenly emerges, and she and  her soul mate, Faisal, must embark on a journey to escape the corruption            and oppression of their  community-to live by their own merits and on their own terms. Their path is full of treachery,        deceit, and more obstacles than they imagined, and they soon discover that it may not be their destiny to live by their        own decisions in this modern world. In And the Sun Always Sets, a  suspenseful and romantic tale, Mariyum and Faisal      ≥≥≥≥eventually decide to take desperate measures in order to be together…no matter what the cost.
I received this book from the Author via Bostick Communications in exchange for an honest review, so thank you so much for allowing me to review this amazingly evocative book.
First of all i’d like to say that the books cover is beautiful and gives an insight into what the story is going to be about. Then once you start reading the writing and descriptions are so clear and concise you can almost feel what each of the characters is feeling and I loved the fact that the story was told from multiple perspectives: Mariyum, Faisel, Murad (rich landlord) & Rubab (Mariyum’s Sister).
The book tells the story of a young Pakistani girls life in a disgraced family of only girls with an alcoholic abusive father. it tells of her falling in love with her childhood friend Faisel who she eventually runs away with to Lahore and the fact that her father basically sells her to the local landlords son as a way of getting some money. The thread running through out it is her desire to better herself through education in order to get a good job so she can provide for her family.
The way the author describes things that happen in the book, especially the severe beatings the main character is  to at the hands of her father, makes you feel like your experiencing them yourself. In fact when Danny was describing the beatings that Maiyum got from her father I could almost every strike of the Caine, every punch, kick etc.
This book will be in my top 20 books for this year therefore I will both recommend it to other people when asked for a book recommendation and purchase it as a gift for people as well. In fact I loved this book so Much that I am sure Danny is going to very quickly going to become one of my favourite authors so much so that i can’t wait to read his other books including The Evil In The Ice (one I have received for review).
Danny Odato was born in 1953, the youngest of a family of seven in the small town of Controne, Salerno, south of Naples. His passion for writing stems from his early education in a Franciscan monastery, which was stocked with a collection of handwritten manuscripts, some hundreds of years old. He was drawn to a deeper education in philosophy and literature and began writing in his native italian. Today Danny’s talent is at its peak. He credits his second wife for giving him the inspiration and encouragement to continue writing, which has led to his most exciting stories, including his most recent novel, The Witches Revenge.