The Adventures of Loriel the Wood FairyDetails: Formats: Kindle:     ISBN: 1499016107 (9 May 2014)                                                                                                              File Size: 673 KB/Print Length: 64 pages                                                                                                          Hardcover Paperback   ISBN-10: 1499016107/ISBN-13: 978-1499016109                                                                                                   62 pages                                                                                           Publisher: Xlibris Corporation (9 May 2014)                                                                                                   Language: English                                                                                                             Synopsis: Loriel is worried by the lack of communication from her Grandfairy Cyce and makes a          journey to her cottage in the Forest of Echoes, to find it empty. Upon arrival she finds                          Grandfairy Cyce has been kidnapped by  a goblin. This part of the story tells how Loriel, Padra        (the house mouse) and Anya (the pet hummingbird) all help to save Grandfairy Cyce. Loriel is          frantic with worry because she knows that goblins must be dangerous  not to mention smelly)         and she will need to make a plan that does not endanger Grandfairy Cyce.





I received this book for review directly from the author vis Bostick Communications both in ebook format and a paperback. Thank you so much for allowing me to read this beautifully written & illustrated book.

I loved the cover of this book as soon as I saw it but wondered wether the quality and  beauty of it was going to be reflected in the story and I wasn’t disappointed. The story was about a young wood fairy and her journey to see what was wrong with her GrandFairy Cyce as a result of her worry because she hadn’t had any communication from her for a while. It also taught about trust, respect, love, loyalty and Family.

When Loriel arrived at the Grand Fairy’s cottage to be told that she had been kidnapped by a smelly troll she and Padra the Grand Fairy’s pet talking mouse quickly devised a plan to rescue her. Once home again and once Loriel’s Cousin a water fairy arrived the Grand Fairy started to do some training with them that was until she decided to go away for a week and leave them on their own.

The two young fairy’s broke the GrandFairy’s trust while she was away because they were told not to touch anything or doing anything they shouldn’t while she was away, and they found a hidden door which they opened  then went in to explore.