Found (Penny Black #1)  From Stacey Wallace Benefiel, the author of the Zellie Wells trilogy, comes a new       trilogy set in the Society world.

Penny Black hasn’t had it easy. Just about everything you’d expect to happen to a       harassed foster-kid turned   junkie has happened to Penny. Add in the mysterious     power to rewind time, conducting events around her, and it’s a wonder she held up   on the streets for so many years. Now, at seventeen, the New Society has found           her. Finally, Penny is where she belongs. But that doesn’t stop the visions, or the       need to protect the victims   shown to her.

Wyatt Adams is excited and intrigued when his sister Melody assigns him to be           Penny’s Lookout. Being the youngest, and hopelessly ordinary in the family that         created the New Society, has left Wyatt feeling like he has a lot to prove — and             Penny is a big deal. She’s got abilities that surpass any he’s seen   before … and           pretty much every quality he looks for in a girlfriend, but no one needs to know           about that, especially Penny.

*The Penny Black trilogy is a companion to the ZWT and not a continuation of the series. *Due to language and sexuality, FOUND is recommended for older teens.  BONUS MATERIAL: Excerpt of DEAD HEAT by Lisa Nowak.

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Stacey Wallace Benefiel
  Stacey Wallace Benefiel is the author of the Zellie Wells trilogy, the Penny Black     trilogy, the Day of Sacrifice Omnibus, the Open Door Love Story series, and             multiple short stories. She sometimes goes by S.W. Benefiel or Reina Stowe, but   knows she’s not foolin’ anybody. Stacey lives in an orange house in Beaverton,       OR with her two young children who have old people names. When she’s not         writing, thinking about writing, or driving the kids somewhere, Stacey is at             CrossFit, lifting heavy things and cursing the inventor of the Burpee.For more info. on Stacey and her books, please check out her website:


I gave this book five stars out of five because the authors writing, world and character was so great that I felt like I was part of the story and was also able to see things through the eyes of the main character, Penny.

This story is about a teenage girl called Penny who can rewind time but doesn’t know what she’s able to do as can’t remember anything that she does after she’s dine it.

We see her dealing with this as well as her teenage anxt on her own to begin with but the a group called the Society find her and take her to their facility where they train and care for other teenagers with special abilities.

When she arrives at the Society facility and settles in she eventually starts to feel like she’s part of a family. Although this eventually comes to an end and she finds her self on the move again after one of her male friends and best friends boyfriend tells her that he is developing feelings for her. This develops further when he kisses her and is seen by her boyfriend and so as the saying goes the shit hits the fan.

I loved this book so much that I can’t wait for the next one to see how the story develops and I will also re read it again as well as recommend it to and buy it for others. I also plan to buy the physical book for my book shelf as well because I love the cover so much.