I purchased this book on a whim a couple of years ago as a two book bind up ebook  edition on my kindle, the first two books because the synopsis sounded really  interesting and the cover art was intriguing.

I read Fade book on in the series and of this bind up last week as part of the bout of books 12.0 read-a ton.

Fade is about a seventeen year old girl named Celestra from a small town in America who has special abilities (burning people who make her angry to a pile of ash) which mean that some nasty people are after her so they cam kill her. This leads to her being taken by another group named the underground and being Faded from her families & friends lives for their and her safety. It tells the story of the start of her journey in to finding out what she is? and Where she’s from.

Kallin’s lyrical writing and amazing world building ability along with the fantastic cover art are what made me give the book a 5 star rating. I would say though that I would only give book 1 a 4 star rating  because I know although its a book that I would recommend to and buy as a gift for others it isn’t a book that I would read again however book two I would give a five star rating as I know I will read it again, recommend it to others & buy it as a gift for friends/family who I think would enjoy it.

Celestra is a really sweet normal high school student or is she… When she is taken by the Underground and faded she is given a brand new identity as well discovering that she isn’t who/what she thinks she is. This book kept me griped from beginning to end thanks to Kallin’s beautifully descriptive, immersive and lyrical writing. It was also a fitting start to a series so much so that I am now going to read the rest, in fact I am currently half way through Book 2.

I really didn’t thoroughly enjoy the first book as it was a little slow moving at times, particularly for the first half of the book although it did seem to pick up in the second half of the book, but there was a lot of world  and character building in this book though. Because of this though I didn’t know how much I was going to like the second book but I loved it as it was a lot more fast paced and action packed.

In Falling, book 2 in the series we learn more about where Celestra and Jack Simple (special gift Knowing what’s going to happen before it happens)  are from as well as that Celestra’s ex-boyfriend Grayson, son of the Others Leader, also has a special gift (self healing). We see the three main characters along with some other Faders go on a rescue mission to one of the Others places to rescue Jacks dad Sebastian. As a whole in this book the reader sees Celestra pulled into more intrigue, danger and romance; in fact developing love story between Celestra and Jack becomes all the more intense.