I have given this book a 5 star rating as I did the first book as I loved it even more than the first one, and on the basis of both of these books if the last one in the trilogy is as good it will become one of my all time favourite trilogies which I will re read regularly.

In this installment of the trilogy we see that Kara is starting to fit in her Japanese boarding school although can bond a group of people like having to deal with an ancient demon cursing you. We also see Kara and her friends Miho and Sakura helping to put on a Noh play for the Noh Drama club, which is the story of the Hannya – a snake demon who inhabits the body of a beautiful woman.

While the preparations for the play are happening some of the Noh Club members suddenly dissapear and although all the adults just say that they have run away Kara fears that the real Hannya has been awakened by the Katsukis curse.  When Kara’s friend Miho is abducted Kara knows she has to do something to destroy the demon before it destroys her friend but this isn’t going to be as easy as she thinks to destroy the demon as it is wily and may be hidden in the last place she would ever think to look.

The enduring love of a father for his daughter as well as the growing love between two couples shows its strength when Kara and her friends are carrying out the bell ringing ceremony to destroy the demon once it has left Miss Artimo’s, the art teachers and Kara’s dad’s gorlfriends body. It does this by the fact that Kara and her father fight to save Miss Artimo as well as kara fighting to protect her father from the demon. As well as the strength of belief the the group of friends have that what they are doing is right.  Tbrough out this book the times when Kara and her friend’s were experiencing periods of absolute cold fear when the hairs stand up on the back of your neck and your skin feels prickly thanks to the authors amazing writing as a reader you actually feel it yourself, which makes it feel like your in the story yourself.

As with the first book I found it interesting to find out about Japanese culture and belief systems as well as the festivals that they celebrate.

So all in all I can’t wait to see how the story develops and reaches its conclusion in the next and final book of the trilogy.