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I read this book as part of the #ayearathon read-a-thon as this months pick for this read a thon was standalones.


I’d like to start this review by thanking Regan from PeruseProject who recommended this book in her best 14 books of 2014 video because had it not been for seeing this video I would never have purchased it which would have been a travesty.

This book is as mesmerizing and heratbreaking lyrical tale that discusses the the light and dark sides of love and desure. It written from a trans generational point of view starting with Ava’s Grandmother, mother and Ava her self.

Following the recommendation it was the cover of this book that attracted me too reading it because the feather on the front of it was so beautiful and gave an insight in to what the story might be about which was thmn proven by the synopsis.The lyrical writing style and world building in this book were fantastic and kept me enthralled through out. All things together is what made me give the book a five star rating.

Being able to read the stories of three women and see their individual suffering, and what seemed to be a family birthright of foolish love was amazing. The fact that it also told you about the gifts the women had as well as what it was like for Ava growing up having wings and a twin brother who never talked much at all.

I enjoyed every moment reading this book which is why it will be one that I will re read again and again as well as buy a copy to have on my bookshelf s I read it in ebook format. It is also a book that I will recommend to others as well as buy it as a gift family and friends who I think will enjoy it.