Read: A Winter of Ghosts (#3 The Waking Trilogy) by Thomas Randal

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Kara’s life in Japanese prep school has been a whirlwind of terror, as a demon’s curse keeps waking up ancient, evil  creatures to torment her and her friends. When a student goes missing during a visit to a mountain forest, Kara and her  friends are sure the curse has struck again. This time, it’s a demon of winter, whose power is more chilling than anything  they’ve encountered so far. And then it gets worse: the demon kidnaps Kara’s boyfriend, Hachiro, with whom she’s just  starting to fall in love. Desperate to save him, Kara ventures back into the snowy woods, where dark forces await her . . .


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This was a fantastic ending to an amazing trilogy.

In this final installment of the trilogy the reader sees the development of Kara’s and Kara’s Fathers relationships as well as Kara’s friendships and the ultimate destruction of the demons curse.

Again in this book the authors world building and general descriptions made me as the reader feel like I was a part of the story as well as be able to empathise with what the  characters were feeling.

The cover art work, authors writing style, the fact that I will read the book again in the future and recommend it to others/ buy it for friends and family members that I think will enjoy it; are the reasons that I have given this book a five star rating. In essence the trilogy as a whole is more than well worth the five stars plan to give it when I write the trilogy review

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The End of all Things (#1 The End of all Things) by Lissa Bryan

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Synopsis: After a terrible virus ravages the planet, Carly Daniels, one of the few survivors, hides in her  apartment in Juneau trying to survive the best she can with only occasional forays to gather food. With her  is Sam, a wolf puppy she found starving on the streets. He becomes her companion and a reason to  continue when giving up sometimes seems like the more attractive option. Still dazed with shock and grief,  she hopes for the world to go back to normal soon.

She is discovered by Justin, an ex-soldier who is intent on making his way to Florida before the winter sets  in. Justin coaxes her out of her hiding place and convinces her to join him on his journey, because a warmer  climate will be their best chance against the extremes of Mother Nature.

Together, they begin a perilous journey through a nation laid to waste by the disaster. Challenges abound along the way. The weather, injury, and shortage of supplies all help to slow them down. In time, they discover that they aren’t the only survivors. Some are friendly but some have had their minds destroyed by the high fever. Then there are those who simply take what they want, leaving Carly and Justin with no choice but to defend what is theirs.

But their journey is not without joy and love. Together, they face every struggle, including an unplanned pregnancy. Despite the perils of bringing a child into a world of chaos, their baby is a new beginning for themselves and a symbol of hope for the other survivors they find along the way.

This is the story of their journey to find a place to begin a new life, and a home in each other.


Thank you Cindy Bidwell from thewriterscoffeeshop for asking me to do a review for this and the next two books in the series for her blog hop.

This is the first book in a dystopian romance series  based around a young woman and her partners travels across post virus Canada and into America from Juno in Alaska. It sees them having to deal with lack of food, being attacked and an unplanned pregnancy.

Lissa’s character descriptions and world building were so well written that you could really see things through the characters eyes at some points I even felt I was actually in the story. I particularly felt for Carly and Justin when they found put that Catly was pregnant especially their fear over what would happen to them and their child once s/he was born. I also felt their relief when they found the settlement and them when they realised they had infected its inhabitants with the infection.

I have given this book a 4 star rating because the cover art and writing in this book was so good that I would definitely read the book again in the future as well as recommend it to others as well as buy it for friends or family who I think would enjoy it, as well as it being a solid start to what I am sure will be a fantastic series.

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£4.56 – Masters of the Cats: Collaring the Saber-Tooth by Trinity Blacio
£1.10 Greta and the Goblin King (#1 Mylena Chronicles) by Chloe Jacobs


All Together Now by Gill Hornby

  **THIS IS AN UNCORRECTED PROOF COPY**The small town of Bridgeford is in crisis. The high street is half empty, businesses are closing and the idea of  civic pride seems old-fashioned to the commuters rushing home from work. Somehow, it seems to have lost its  heart.But there is one thing that might just bring the town together: music. The Bridgeford Community Choir has a  chance of winning the county championship. First though, the small band of singers must find a lot of new  members and a whole new sound.

Enter Tracey – one of life’s soloists, and hiding a secret past; Bennett – a church choir refugee, baffled by the  modern world. And Jazzy – who sees her voice as her passport straight out of town to a future of fame and  fortune. Can they really fit in with dependable old regulars like Annie? Can they learn to work together, save their singing group and maybe even their community?

All Together Now is a funny, sharply observed and moving novel about the joys of singing, about living in harmony, about falling in love… and about the importance of finding your own, true voice.

Little, Brown Book Group UK

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  • ISBN: 9781408704370
  • Price: £14.99 GBP
  • Edition: Hardcover

Libertine (Libertine #1) by Blair Lacey

 I wasn’t made for love. I was made for sex.

And I must not ever forget that.

Opal has been used and abused, but is determined to turn a new chapter in her life. Escaping from her abusive  ex took her all the courage she had, but when he threatens to return and torment her again, she fears for her own  life … Meeting a tall, dark and deadly stranger might just be her salvation – or will it doom her?

 Libertine is a dark romance novel with erotica and mystery elements. Provocative, dark &  twisted … a story that will play with your mind, body and soul.

Blair Lacy

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  • ISBN: 0000000000072
  • Price: $2.99 USD
  • Edition: Ebook

Heart Collector by Jacques Vandroux

Finding murderers is just a day on the job for police captain Nadia Barka. But when a mutilated corpse is  discovered in an old baptistery, she’s faced with some difficult questions: Who left a young woman’s body in a  high-security museum in the middle of the night? And where is the victim’s heart?

Barka has no leads, until several days later when unassuming computer technician Julien Lombard comes  forward, claiming to have had a premonition of the woman’s abduction and murder. The ensuing investigation  turns up nothing, however, and Julien is just as skeptical about his intel as the police are. But, after another  woman goes missing, Barka decides to take a chance and trust in Julien’s gift. Does Julien hold the key to  preventing another gruesome crime? Working together, can they find the murderer before he steals another  heart?

Amazon Publishing – AmazonCrossing

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  • ISBN: 9781477826829
  • Price: $10.99 USD
  • Edition: Other Format

Reluctantly Charmed by Ellie O’Neil

In the spirit of Cecelia Ahearn and Regina McBride, a lighthearted and relatable debut novel about an  advertising copywriter who upends her ordinary life and captures the attention of the world after publishing a  seven-part treatise on the existence of fairies.

Kate McDaid thought that going to the reading of her great-great-aunt’s will would be just another non-event in  her ordinary life. A junior copywriter at an advertising agency in Dublin, she was used to spending her days  wrangling clients, over-indulging in chocolatey products, and whiling away nights at the pub with her best  friends, using her trusty bicycle to get around town. Instead, Kate finds out that the will and her aunt (also  known as the Red Witch of Knocknamee) dictates that Kate must publish a series of strange poems called “The  Seven Steps” under her own name in order to inherit the rest of her aunt’s estate.

And those poems? They’re a mysterious treatise on the importance and existence of fairies…

Kate decides to publish the Steps on a friend’s website, thinking that the low traffic on the site would let her posts go unnoticed. She never could have imagined that in a matter of days, she would find herself a local celebrity with her own group of devotees and the target of a mysterious and glamorous newspaper reporter. Even Dublin’s rock-and-roll sweetheart—and Kate’s onetime fling—writes a song inspired by the Steps.

While the Steps strike a chord across Ireland and the world, Kate takes the message to heart. But as the tone of each Step moves from free-spirited to sinister, Kate must decide if she will go through with publishing all seven Steps—or protect humankind from an ancient evil.

Infused with just enough magic and everyday familiarity that anyone can relate to, this fantastic debut is a page-turner with the perfect mix of humor and mystery.


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The Changes Trilogy (The Weathermonger, Heartsease, and The Devil’s Children) by Peter Dickinson

 Something has gone very wrong in England. In a tunnel beneath Wales one man opens a crack in a mysterious  stone wall, and all over the island of Britain people react with horror to perfectly normal machines. Abandoning  their cars on the roads and destroying their own factories, many flee the cities for the countryside, where they  return to farming and an old-fashioned life.

When families are split apart and grown-ups forget how they used to live, young people face unexpected  challenges. Nicola Gore survives on her own for nineteen days before she’s taken in by a Sikh family that still  remembers how to farm and forge steel by hand. Margaret and Jonathan brave the cold and risk terrible  punishment in order to save a man’s life and lift the fog of fear and hate that’s smothering their village. And  Geoffrey and his little sister, Sally, escape to France only to be sent back to England on a vital mission: to make  their way north to Wales, alone, and find the thing under the stones that shattered civilization—the source of the  Changes.

Open Road Integrated Media – Open Road Media Teen & Tween

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 Swan Lake meets Robin Hood when the beautiful daughter of a wealthy merchant by day  becomes the region’s most notorious poacher by night, and falls in love with the forester.

Jorgen is the forester for the wealthy margrave, and must find and capture the poacher who has been killing and  stealing the margrave’s game. When he meets the lovely and refined Odette at the festival and shares a  connection during a dance, he has no idea she is the one who has been poaching the margrave’s game.

Odette justifies her crime of poaching because she thinks the game is going to feed the poor, who are all but  starving, both in the city and just outside its walls. But will the discovery of a local poaching ring reveal a terrible  secret? Has the meat she thought she was providing for the poor actually been sold on the black market,  profiting no one except the ring of black market sellers?

The one person Odette knows can help her could also find out her own secret and turn her over to the margrave,  but she has no choice. Jorgen and Odette will band together to stop the dangerous poaching ring . . . and fall in love. But what will the margrave do when he discovers his forester is protecting a notorious poacher?

Thomas Nelson–FICTION

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 Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf (Companions Codex III) by R. A. Salvatore

R.A. Salvatore’s New York Times best-selling tale of the dark elf Drizzt Do’Urden continues immediately on the  heels ofRise of the King, with an expanding war and greater danger to the finally-reunited Companions of the  Hall.

In the evolving world of the Forgotten Realms setting, the Sundering has given way to months of cloud-cloaked  darkness, and war rages under that oppressive sky. The orcs have broken a hard-fought treaty that’s held,  however tentatively, for a hundred years, and the time to settle old scores has devolved into an all-out brawl for  control of the ancient realms of the North

  •  ISBN: 9780786965700
  •  Price: $27.95 USD
  •  Edition Hardcover

Asylum by Jeannette De Beauvoir

Martine LeDuc is the director of PR for the mayor’s office in Montreal.  When four women are found brutally  murdered and shockingly posed on park benches throughout the city over several months, Martine’s boss fears a  PR disaster for the still busy tourist season, and Martine is now also tasked with acting as liaison between the  mayor and the police department. The women were of varying ages, backgrounds and bodytypes and seemed to  have nothing in common. Yet the macabre presentation of their bodies hints at a connection. Martine is paired  with a young detective, Julian Fletcher, and together they dig deep into the city’s and the country’s past, only to  uncover a dark secret dating back to the 1950s, when orphanages in Montreal and elsewhere were converted to  asylums in order to gain more funding. The children were subjected to horrific experiments such as lobotomies,  electroshock therapy, and psychotropic medication, and many of them died in the process. The survivors were  supposedly compensated for their trauma by the government and the cases seem to have been settled. So who is  bearing a grudge now, and why did these four women have to die?

Not until Martine finds herself imprisoned in the terrifying steam tunnels underneath the old asylum does she put the pieces together. And it is almost too late for her…in Jeannette de Beauvoir’s Asylum.

St. Martin’s Press – Minotaur Books

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Die for Me by Cynthia Eden
  She thought her fiance was the perfect man—until he turned out to be the perfect killer… Katherine Cole is running for her life, desperate to escape the Valentine Killer—so-called because he stabs his  victims through the heart and leaves them holding a telltale single red rose. Still he tracks her to New Orleans  and begins carving a bloody path to her door. But this time, Katherine refuses to run any farther. This time,  she’ll do anything to stop the madman she once loved, even trust the sexy cop promising to keep her safe…Detective Dane Black never lets his emotions interfere with his job, even as the Valentine Killer surfaces in New  Orleans to stalk his prey. But when Dane agrees to protect the killer’s ex-fiancee, Katherine Cole, he can’t ignore  the passion kindling between them. After a single unforgettable night binds them body and soul, Dane knows he  won’t rest until Katherine is safe in his arms—and the Valentine Killer is dead. Dark and intensely sexy, this  romantic suspense novel from USA Today bestselling author Cynthia Eden is sure to leave readers breathless.Amazon Publishing – Montlake Romance

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