Monday Missions – Week of 3 – 7 August

This week I am going to ….

  • do 3 posts in the week, my weekly posts
  • finish reading
    • Onyx, #2 Lux Series by Jennifer L Armentrout
    • Shadow Hunt, #1 Arash by Elke Shuster
  • Continue and hopefully finish On the Edge by  Jenny Pitman
  • Continue Reading In a Wolf’s Eye, #1 The Black Wolf Saga by A. Katie Rose
  • Write the draft for the Travellers Notebooks set up post

Monthly Missions – August 2015



Books to read

  • Onyx, #2 Lux by Jennifer L Armenrout (Kindle book, loc 508 0f  6441) – Finish
  • Shadow Hunt. #1 Arash by Elke Shuster (Kindle book from NetGalley, loc 101 of 298) – Finish
  • On the Edge by Jenny Pitman (Paperback) – Finish
  • Bonita Avenue by  (Kindle Book from Bloggingforbooks), loc 627 of 8205 – Finish
  • The Black Wolf Saga by A. Katie Rose (Paperback review book from Bonsnick Communications)
    • Book 1 The Wolf’s Eye  – Finish
    • Book 2 Catch a Wolf – Start
  • Crowther & Westerman 3 Book Omnibus by Kindle Book
    • Book 1  Instruments of Darkness (Kindle), loc 710 of 20373 – Finish
    • Book 2 Anatomy of Murder (Kindle Book) – Start
  • The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins (Kindle book from NetGalley, loc 232 0f 4326) – Finish
  • The Minaturist by Jessie Burton (Kindle Book from Netgalley, loc 384 of 4277) – Finish
  • The Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown
    • Book 1 Red Rising  (Kindle Book from Netgalley, loc 188 of 5827) – Finish
    • Book 2 Golden Son (Kindle Book) – Start Reading
  • Hallowed, #2 Unearthly by Cynthia Hand (Kindle Book)
  • Kirschroter Sommer Series by Carina Barysch
    • Book 1 Cherry Red Summer (Kindle book from NetGalley, loc 272 0f 5598 ) – Finish
    • Book 2 Turquoise Green Winter (Kindle book from NetGalley) – Start
  • The Elemental Series by Shauna Granger
    • Book 3 Water, pg 4 (Kindle book, pg 4 0f 212) – Finish
    • Book 4 Fire (Kindle Book) – Start
  • The Sky is Every where by Jandy Nelson (Kindle book, loc 56 of 3268) – finish
  • Rule Breakers Series by Jennifer Chance (Kindle Books)
    • Book 1 Rock It (Kindle book from Netgalley, loc 344 of 3211) – Finish
    • Book 2 Fake it (Kindle book from Netgalley) – Start



  • To get settled in my Fauxdori Travellers Notebooks from ZLYC, tweeking set ups as needed
  • Do a blog post and video (embedded in to the Post) showing the set up of the notebooks
  • Buy and set up other notebooks
    • Writing note book
    • Travel notebooks (Regular and Passport Size)
    • Journaling Notebook
    • Reading Note book
    • Blog and Youtube notebook


  • Monday Missions post – published by Monday morning
  • Friday Reads Post – Published by Friday morning
  • General post (reviews, planner set ups) – Published by Wednesday afternoon

Up dates

Hi All

I just want to say I am sorry for not having being present on this blog for a while but family life has got busy and that always takes precedence over this Blog. But I am pleased to say that I will be getting back on track again in the next month or so.

I am planning on the following things:

  • A monthly missions post at the beginning of each month – talking about the books I am planning on reading during the month
  • A monday missions post – talking about what I intend to read for the week
  • A friday reads post – talking about what I intend to read over the weekend
  • Product review posts –  I will talk about things that I am using or my son is playing with.
  • I am planning on starting to try to do videos to accompany some of my posts as well as to be available on You tube as well.

Thats all Folks