Well here we are at my first Friday Reads post for a while. So what am I going to be reading this weekend:

  1. Raytara: Judgement of the Stars, #1 Arash by Elke Schuster (Kindle, NetGalley)  – it is my plan to try to start to read this book over the weekend as I will have finished the first book in the series by Lunch Time on Friday
  2. Onyx, #2 Lux by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Kindle) – I hope to finish this book over the weekend.
  3. On the Edge by Jenny Pitman (Paperback)– It is my plan to try to read another 6 – 7 chapters over the weekend.
  4. The Minaturist by Jessie Burton (Kindle, NetGalley) – It is my plan try to continue reading this book at least another 3 chapters.

So that”s  all for this weeks Friday Reads post folks, until next week