My Star rating: 5/5 Star’s
I’d like to thank the author, publisher and edelweiss for allowing me to read this fantastic book which I loved from cover to cover. I had never read a book about a character who was gender fluid let alone heard of gender fluidity being a gender option.

Riley was a well written and fully developed multi faceted character, who was completely believable and easy to connect with. As a reader you can’t help but feel for him/er, due to his gender fluid status. All the other characters were interesting and believable although there were some that I really didn’t like at all throughout the book in fact I found them positively

The books plot was thoroughly developed so easy to read and it meant that I as the reader not only felt for Riley as an individual dealing with his gender status but also the other people that s/he met at the Q as well as got to know through his/er blog