Book Review| NetGalley| As White as Snow (Lumikki Anderson 2/3) by Salla Samukka

As White As Snow Book Cover As White As Snow
Lumikki Anderson 2/3
Salla Simukka
Juvenile Fiction
Hot Key Books
March 5, 2015

The second story in the thrilling Nordic crime series The Snow White Trilogy, an international success published in 52 territories worldwide and soon to be a Hollywood film. 'Fans of Nesbø and Larsson won't be disappointed' Publishers Weekly Lumikki Andersson may be innocent, but she's no Snow White . . . Three and a half months have passed since Lumikki was left for dead in a snowdrift, a bullet wound in her thigh and frostbite creeping into her skin. But the scorchingly hot streets of Prague in summer provide a welcome contrast to that terrifying time, and now Lumikki just wants to move on - forget the events of the past year - and escape her parent's oppressive concern. She's alone again, which is just how she likes it. But Lumikki's peaceful solitude is about to be shattered. She is approached on the street by a nervous young woman, who, unbelievably, thinks she might be Lumikki's long-lost sister. Lumikki is unconvinced - although Zelenka's story seems to ring true, there's something weird about her. Something jumpy, and suspicious. And it turns out Lumikki is right to be wary, as Zelenka is part of a dangerous religious cult. On the run for her life again, Lumikki must once more draw on her all her powers of resolve and strength if she is to survive.

I’d like to start this review by thanking the author, publisher and Netgalley for allowing me to read the book in exchange for a totally honest and unpaid review

This is the second book in the Lumikki Anderson (Snow White) trilogy and it sees Lumikki in Prague on holiday, to recover from what happened in the first book, where she meets a girl a couple of years older than her who claims she’s her sister. Although this book was slightly more slow moving than the first book I still thoroughly enjoyed it and loved the authors character plot building equally as much as I did in the first book.

Salla managed to build Lumikki’s character more by introducing the new character of Zelenka a young woman who Continue reading