Book Information | #Overdrive | The Winter Garden Mystery (Daisy Dalrymple #2) by Carolla Dunn

The Winter Garden Mystery
Daisy Dalrymple Series, Book 2
Carola Dunn
Historical Cozy Mystery
Blackstone Audio, Inc.
July 18, 2006  
MP3 Audio ( Duration: 07:15:13)      
Read from November 26 to 29, 2016
Death at Wentwater Court                                                                                
Murder on the Flying Scotsman, Damsel in Distress 
Bernadette Dunne
Daisy Dalrymple, Detective Inspector Alec Bobbie Parslow, Grace Moss
England (!920's)

In this second installment of Carola Dunn's cozy mystery series set in 1923 England, plucky Daisy Dalrymple embarks on another assignment for Town and Country magazine and discovers that daffodil bulbs aren't all that's buried in a country estate's flower bed.

The merest hint of spring has arrived in Cheshire, and so has Daisy Dalrymple. The feisty flapper is a breath of fresh air to the occupants of gloomy Occles Hall, among them her former school chum, wallflower Bobbie Parslow, and the thorny mistress of the manor, Lady Valeria. While photographing the barren ground behind the house, Daisy suspects someone has been digging amidst the soil's first green shoots—and promptly unearths the corpse of Grace Moss, the missing parlor maid. So begins a harrowing romp as the dead woman's shocking secret is revealed—leaving Daisy to catch a killer before she's pushing up daisies.

The Winter Garden Mystery (Daisy Dalrymple, #2)




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Requiem For A Mezzo Book Cover Requiem For A Mezzo
Daisy Dalrymple #3
Carola Dunn
Historical (1920's) Mystery
Kensington Books
June 24, 2008
audio book
Read from November 29 to December 02, 2016
Death at Wentwater Court, The Winter Garden Mystery
Murder on the Flying Scotsman, Damsel in Distress
Bernadette Dunne
Daisy Dalrymple, Detective nspector Alec Fletcher, Bettina
England (1920)

Daisy Dalrymple is up to her fashionable bob in a murder case in bohemian post World War I Chelsea. When an opera diva dies during a performance of Verdi's "Requiem", Daisy and Scotland Yard Inspector Alec Fletcher soon discover the singer had her share of adversaries. Did one of them poison the acclaimed mezzo soprano?

Book Information | #Overdrive | Death at Wentwater Court (Daisy Dalrymple Mystery #1) by Carolla Dunn

Death at Wentwater Court Book Cover Death at Wentwater Court
Daisy Dalrymple Mystery #1
Carola Dunn
Historical Mystery
Blackstone Publishing
August 27, 2009
audio book
25 -26/11
Bernadette Dunne
Daisy, Alec , Lord and Lady Wentwater
England, 1920

No stranger to sprawling country estates, well-heeled Daisy Dalrymple is breaking new ground at Wentwater Court to cover a story for Town & Country magazine. But her interview gives way to interrogation when suave Lord Stephen Astwick meets a chilly end on the tranquil skating pond. With evidence that his death was anything but accidental, Daisy joins forces with Scotland Yard so the culprit can't slip through their fingers like the unfortunate Astwick slipped through the ice ... Praise for The Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries: 'Appropriate historical detail and witty dialogue are the finishing touches on this engaging 1920s period piece.' Publishers Weekly 'As always, Dunn evokes the life and times of 1920s England while providing a plot that is a cut above... This will delight readers who love country-house mysteries.' Booklist

Book Information| #Overdrive | The Good Earth (The Good Earth Trilogy #1/3) by Pearl S Buck

The Good Earth Book Cover The Good Earth
The Good Earth #1/3
Pearl S. Buck
Classic Fiction
Simon and Schuster
September 15, 2004
[13/6 sample] /11 - 3/12
Sons, The Divided House
O-Lan, Wang Lung

A Chinese peasant overcomes the forces of nature and the frailties of human nature to become a wealthy landowner.

This Post is the Information about the book The Good Earth the first book in the ‘The Good Earth Triolgy’.

Book Information | #Review Book | Meet Your Baker (A Bakeshop Mystery #1/3) by

SOURCE: Direct from author                                                                             Meet Your Baker (Bakeshop Mystery #1)FORMAT: Ebook                                                                     STAR RATING:  5/5 Stars                                                     SYNOPSIS: Welcome to Torte—a friendly, small-town family bake shop where the treats are so good that, sometimes, it’s criminal…After graduating from culinary school, Juliet Capshaw returns to her quaint hometown of Ashland, Oregon, to heal a broken heart and help her mom at the family bakery. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is bringing in lots of tourists looking for some crumpets to go with their heroic couplets. But when one of Torte’s customers turns up dead, there’s much ado about murder…“Sure to satisfy both dedicated foodies and ardent mystery lovers alike.”―Jessie Crockett, author of Drizzled with DeathThe victim is Nancy Hudson, the festival’s newest board member. A modern-day Lady Macbeth, Nancy has given more than a few actors and artists enough reasons to kill her…but still. The silver lining? Jules’s high school sweetheart, Thomas, is the investigator on the case. His flirtations are as delicious as ever, and Jules can’t help but want to have her cake and eat it too. But will she have her just desserts? Murder might be bad for business, but love is the sweetest treat of all…“Alexander weaves a tasty tale of deceit, family ties, delicious pastries, and murder.” ―Edith Maxwell, author of A Tine to Live, A Tine to                                                                                                                                 goodreads