Books and Reading | Book Information | A Thousand Pieces of You (Fire Bird 1/ ) by Claudia Grey

A Thousand Pieces of You Book Cover A Thousand Pieces of You
Fire Bird 1/4
Claudia Gray
Young Adult Fiction
Harper Collins
November 4, 2014
read from 12/1/16 to 4/4/18
Ten Thousand Skies above You
Tavia Gilbert
Various Worlds
9hrs 18min

Cloud Atlas meets Orphan Black in this epic dimension-bending trilogy by New York Times bestselling author Claudia Gray about a girl who must chase her father's killer through multiple dimensions. Marguerite Caine's physicist parents are known for their groundbreaking achievements. Their most astonishing invention, called the Firebird, allows users to jump into multiple universes—and promises to revolutionize science forever. But then Marguerite's father is murdered, and the killer—her parent's handsome, enigmatic assistant Paul— escapes into another dimension before the law can touch him. Marguerite refuses to let the man who destroyed her family go free. So she races after Paul through different universes, always leaping into another version of herself. But she also meets alternate versions of the people she knows—including Paul, whose life entangles with hers in increasingly familiar ways. Before long she begins to question Paul's guilt—as well as her own heart. And soon she discovers the truth behind her father's death is far more sinister than she expected. A Thousand Pieces of You explores an amazingly intricate multi-universe where fate is unavoidable, the truth elusive, and love the greatest mystery of all.

Book Information | First Frost (Waverley Family 2/2) By Sarah Addison Allen

First Frost Book Cover First Frost
Waverley Family 2/2
Sarah Addison Allen
Hachette UK
January 29, 2015
Garden Spells
Bay, Claire,

Readers fell in love with Sarah Addison Allen's debut novel, GARDEN SPELLS. Now the tale of the Waverley women is to be revisited with a magical sequel. Autumn has finally arrived in the small town of Bascom, North Carolina, heralded by a strange old man appearing with a beaten-up suitcase. He has stories to tell, stories that could change the lives of the Waverley women forever. But the Waverleys have enough trouble on their hands. Quiet Claire Waverley has started a successful new venture, Waverley's Candies, but it's nothing like she thought it would be, and it's slowly taking over her life. Claire's wild sister Sydney, still trying to leave her past behind, is about to combust with her desire for another new beginning. And Sydney's fifteen-year-old daughter Bay has given her heart away to the wrong boy and can't get it back. From the author of the New York Times bestselling sensation GARDEN SPELLS, FIRST FROST is magical and atmospheric, taking readers back into the lives of the gifted Waverley women - back to their strange garden and temperamental apple tree, back to their house with a personality of its own, back to the men who love them fiercely - proving that a happily-ever-after is never the real ending to a story. It's where the real story begins.

Book Information | Deadly Night (Flynn Brothers Trilogy 1/3) by Heather Graham

Deadly Night (Mills & Boon M&B) (The Flynn Brothers Trilogy, Book 1) Book Cover Deadly Night (Mills & Boon M&B) (The Flynn Brothers Trilogy, Book 1)
The Flynn Brothers Trilogy 1/3
Heather Graham
Paranormal Mystery
HarperCollins UK
November 1, 2011
New Orleans

The Flynn brothers have inherited more than a New Orleans plantation.