Reading period: read from 7th to 9th April.                                                                  Star Rating: 5/5 Stars                                                                                                      For more book info please click here.                                                                          for the weekly reads post that this book refers to click here.                               

I heard great things about this book from many Booktubers on you tube (simon from Savage Reads, Merceides form merciesbookmusings) all saying how amazing it was which is why I purchased and read it (as a Kindle book with audible Narration(aduio book)). This is an amazing well writen book which was thoroughly engrosing and an interesting take on Britains withdrawl from the EU.                                                                                                    The skill of the Narrator along with the authors great writing made the book a joy to read and the story engrossing.                                                                Ali Smith wrote and developed the characters and plot well so they were beleivable. This along with the skill of the Narrator who narrated the audible narrator made the book engrossing and chilling.                                                        I would reccomend this book to anyone who is interested in reading anything about the current political situation with regard to Brexit and I cannot wait to read the next book in the series Winter as I have heard that its as good as this one.