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This is the third book in the bone Island series (original trilogy) and it is the story of Kelsey Donovan and Liam O’Hara around the mystery attached to the family home she’s Inherited from her grandfathers. I read this book as soon as I’d finished the previous book in the series (Ghost Night) because I enjoyed it so much and I wasn’t disapointed.

It was great being back with the characters and in the place because I loved them so much in the previous books. I enjoyed getting to know the new atcharacters from this book especially Kelsey the Granddaughter of Merlin Cutter. All the characters and the plot in this story were well writen and developed which meant that it was really beleivable.

This was a great close out to what has been a great trilogy because although it was a story in and of its self it also gave closure to the personal stories of the characters that had been in from the beginning. Although there is another book in this “Trilogy” which technically makes it a series you don’t have to read it as it is not a continuation to the story just a little bit of history about Bartholomew the Ghost from the Trilogy.

I can honestly say that Heather Graham is becoming an auto buy ad uthor because her writing is so easy to read and the descriptons of characters, places and events are so well carfted that when I am reading I feel like I am actually experiencing what is happening.. This is a book that I would recomend to anyone who enjoys reading historical mysteries with a paranormal slant.