Book Information and Review | 2018 | Ghost Memories (Bone Island Prequel/Bone Island Series 0.5/4) by Heather Graham

Ghost Memories: Prequel to the Bone Island Trilogy Book Cover Ghost Memories: Prequel to the Bone Island Trilogy
Bone Island Trilogy Prequel 0.5/4
Heather Graham
Paranormal Mystery Romance
HarperCollins UK
June 1, 2013
Kindle Book
Read from 15th to 16th April 2018
Ghost Moon
Bartholomew Miller
Florida Keys

In the early nineteenth century, pirates and privateers still wreaked havoc in the Caribbean. Bartholomew Miller had been one of them. After years of plying the seas for England as a privateer, he finally found a home and love on Bone Island off the Florida coast.

I started reading this book as soon as I’d finished the last book in the trilogy that this is the prequel for because I’d enjoyed it and the other books in the trilogy so much. This is a book that although it wasn’t a necessity for me to read it as it was only a short prequel novella about the pirate ghost from the trilogies life and death so enabled me as the reader to get an insight into his life.

Although this book was only a short novella Heather had still written with as much detail as she does in any of her books. The plot and characters in the book were really well-developed and believable for the shortness of the book. By the time I had read the book I really felt I knew Bartholomew like a I would a friend what with what I’d learnt about him in the main books of the trilogy. It was also really interesting getting all be it a brief glimpse into what life and Key West was like in the time when he lived.

The research that Heather had done about the time period and place during the period came through in the fact that it really felt like you were living in that time along with the characters.It was also great seeing how Bartholomew’s relationships/friendships developed.

All in all i loved this book and am immensely glad that I have read it.I would love to hear what any of you out there who’ve read it and the main trilogy thought of them so feel free to leave a comment.