This post is going to be looking at the books that I have read or finished reading as well as started or continued reading this week. If all the things listed (Book Information post etc.) under each of the short reviews are not links once this post published then they will be as soon as the reviews etc. are published themselves.


The Books I read or finished reading this week are:

Autumn (Seasonal Quartet 1/4) by Ali Smith [Narrator: Melody Grove]        Reading period: read from 7th to 9th April.                                                                  Star Rating: 5/5 Stars                                                                                                      book information post           Book review             Series Review         

 I heard great things about this book from many Booktubers on you tube (simon from Savage Reads, Merceides form merciesbookmusings) all saying how amazing it was which is why I purchased and read it (as a Kindle book with audible Narration(aduio book)). This is an amazing well writen book which was thoroughly engrosing and an interesting take on Britains withdrawl from the EU.                                                                                                    The skill of the Narrator along with the authors great writing made the book a joy to read and the story engrossing. I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who’s interested in the current political position in the UK particularly in connection with Brexit.


A Symphony of Echoes (The Chronicles of St Mary’s1/16) by Jodi Taylor [Narrator: Zara Ramm]                                                                                               Reading period: 27/10/17 to 9/4/18                                                                       Star Rating: 4/5 Stars                                                                                                      book information & Book Review post                                                                       I immediately started reading this as soon as I’d strated reading this book as soon as I’d finished the first book in the series (Just One Darned thing after another) because I’d enjoyed it so much that I wanted to know what happened next. Initially I was reading it as a Kindle Book then I added audble narration to the book and as soon as I started listening to the book I was toatlly immersed in the story due to the skill of the Narrator.                       It was great being back in this world and with the characters again. For my full review please feel free to follow this link….


The Shadow of the North (Sally Lockhart Mystery Series 2/4) by Phillip Pullman [Narrator: Anton Lesser]                                                                            Reading Period: read from 14/2 to 13/4 2018                                                              Star Rating: 4/5 Stars                                                                                                      Book information & Review Post                                                                                 I started reading this book when I fnished reading the previous book in this series (The Ruby in the Smoke) because I enjoyed it so much. In this book Sally Lockheart investigates the mystery of the dissapearance of the steamship the Ingrid Linde and the rich financier Axel Bellmann.                                            This book was just as good as the first one and it was great being back with the characters and in the world. Phillip has developed the characters and the plot with great skill and this along with the skill of the narrators narration eneabled me to become engrosed in the story.               


Ghost Moon (The Bone Island Series 3/4) by Heather Graham                     Reading Period: read from 14/2 to 13/4 2018                                                             Star Rating: 4/5 Stars                                                                                                     Book information & Review Post     weekly Reads- Week 15      series review       I started reading this book as soon as I’d finished the previous book (Deadly Night) in the series because i’d enjoyed the book so much and I wasn’t dissapointed.  This book was really welll written and the plot was well developed and beleivable. As with all the other books in the series I connected with all the characters in the book at different points throughout the book.


The Books I Started or Continued with this week are:                                               * Started – [Kindle Book] Spellslinger (Spellslinger 1/3) by Sebastien de               Castell                                                                                                                           * Continued – [Kindle book with audible Narration] The Final Empire                    (Mistborn 1/6) by Brandon Sanderson                                                                   * Continued – [Kindle Book] Flawless (New York Confidential 1/3) by                     Heather Graham                                                                                                       * Continued – [Kindle Book with audible Narration] China Rich Girlfriend             (Crazy Rich Asians 2/3) by Kevin Kwan                                                                   * Continued – [mobi] The Dazzling Heights (The Thousandth Floor 2/2) by           Katherine McGee                                                                                                       * Continued – [Kindle Book] Deadly Harvest (Flynn Brothers 2/3) by                      Heather Graham                                                                                                        * Continued – [epub ebook from library via BorrowBox] Flawed (Flawed 1/3) by Cecilia Ahern                                                                                                           * Continued [Kindle Book and Audobook] America Street by Zoabi                    * Continued [Kindle book with audible Narration] Days of Blood and                   Starlight (Daughter of Smoke & Bone 2/4) by Laini Taylor                                  * Continued [Kindle Book/Audio Book] Heart of Evil (Krewe of Hunters 2/26) by Heather Graham

On the whole I had a good reading week which is quite surprising as it was during the Easter Holidays so obviousley my son was at home so I wasn’t expecting to be able to read very much during the day. I enjoyed everything I read this week whether it was something I finished reading or started/continued reading.                                                                                            If any of you have anything you want to share with me about the books that I have reviewd and mentioned in this post then please feel free to share them with me in the comments below,