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This is the first book in a four book season series, prequel 
The Heiress Queen,and it tells the story of Ellas debutante 
year of the Season with her young finishing school drop out
cousin, expelled from everyone in Pretania, Libby 
Marks-Whelan as her attendant. 

It tells of all the goings on in the season along with
Libby's antics while there until her cousin sends her home 
after finding out what she'd been upto. 

When I read the synopsus for this book on WattPad 
I was sure that I was going to love the book and 
now I've read the book I can say I wasn't dissapointed, 
thus the 4 out of 5 star rating. And because of 
this I have to say that this is a book that I
will both reccomend it to others and buy it as 
a gift for anyone I think would enjoy it.
  Although i can see where other reviewers are 
coming from with regard the fact that the 
author finished this book when it was so close 
to the story being finished and continued the 
story in the Debutante I can understand why 
the author felt the need to do it. I honestly 
don't think it would have been fair not to 
finish this book where the author did as it was 
about Ella's Debutante year so the remainder 
of the story for Libby and Prince Andrew 
needed its own book so as not to detract 
from Ella's story as that was what this book was 
about although Libby played a fairly major part 
in it. 

Initially I liked Ella because she had invited 
Libby to the Palace to be her attendant during 
the season, but ultimately I disliked her because 
it was clear that she was a mean spirited 
schemimg bitch which was obvious when she sent 
Libby home for trying to help her win the prince
with her mischeivious antics.
 Libby although quite Nieve has a very strong determined 
attitude, and cant stand all the us 
silly simpering that most of the debutants do
when around the prince while stabbing each
other in the back when the Prince isn't around. 
I have to say that I am of the same mind as
her about the simpering and back stabbing of 
the Debutants because I to would have no 
patience with it either. It was quite clear from
the authors writing that the Prince was neither
taken in by the debutants behaviour nor impressed 
with it, which is why he gravitated towards Libby 
so much he knew she'd tell him straught when it 
came to their behaviour and his behaviour.

The way the author described the characters
really made the reader feel connected to them 
but it also made you appreciate all dynamics 
between them. I would also say that the way 
the author described the places (Palace) and 
country (Pretania) the story was set in made
so evocatively made me feel like I was 
actually experiencing everything the 
charcters were along side them, which is why
in the book whenever Libby was feeliing 
frustrated about something or with someone 
I felt that frustration to.
 I particularly loved the relationships that 
developed between Libby and the prince 
and pricess as you could see that they were 
genuine and going to be long lasting.
 All in all I loved this book so much that as 
soon as I finished reading it I immediately
started reading the next book in the series 
"The Debutante".

As i'm writing this Review not having read the 
entire series I can honestly say that whole 
series (The Rebel Prince, upto where the authors written 
so far) is fantastic and i'll definiteltly
be reading more of her work.

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