Book Information Post

With the Queens dissaproval aimed squarely 
in her direction will she weather the 
storm and win the prince?

This is the second book in a four book season 
series and it tells the story of Libby's time
at court as a Debutante for the winter Season. 
But just because shes there as a debutante now 
rather than a attendant to a debutante as she was 
in the first book doesnt mean she has an easier
time of it, infact if anythiing its even harder because 
the competiton for the crown is even 
tougher than it was last time as both the 
Princes are taking part. 

Again as with the first book When I read the 
synopsis for this book on WattPad I was sure 
that I was going to love it, even more so 
beacuse I'd already read the first book in 
the seres The Season and now i've read the book 
I can say I wasn't dissapointed, thus the 4 out 
of 5 star rating. And because of all the afore 
mentioned things I have to say that this is a 
book that I will both reccomend to others and 
buy it as a gift for anyone I think would 
enjoy it.

It was great being back in Libby and Prince 
Andrews love story because they are so well 
suited that its what you could call a match made
in Heaven. Again the authors writing was so captivating 
and evocative that as a reader you 
feel as though your experiencing the events along 
with characters. One of the debutantes that we meet 
in this book is Pricess Dulcina of Ardalone (learn more about her and her family in The Rebel Prince) 
who expects to be "crowned" the next queen of 
Pretania at the emd of the season thanks to a 
Marriage Treaty that was signed by her Father and
the King of Pretania, surfice to say shes not 
happy when she looses out to Libby. 

I loved the fact that Libby was attending this 
seasons as a debutante as apposed to a debutantes attendant, as she was in the first book, she was 
still as singleminded, determined, intoreant of 
the other debutantes simpering and backstabbing 
(as well as the general backstabbing within the royalcourt, and doggedly honest as she was in the first book. The strengthening of the relationships between Libby and the Prince and Princess as well 
as the development of the relationship between 
the young prince and Prince Andrews best friend 
were great.

The one dharacter whos behaviour I couldn't make 
sense of at all while reading this book was the 
King, because it just seemed so out of character 
for him. It baffles me still furher now I've read 
the Heiress Queen, the prequel to the series, as it seems completely out of the relms of what you'd 
expect from how he was portrayed in this book.

This book was so captivating that from cover to 
cover it just couldn't put it down and as soon as 
soon as I'd finished reading this one I immediately strated reading the next book in the series The 
Rebel Prince (unfortunatley not yet a completed book on WaatPad), because I needed more more more.