Thank you SO much for checking out my blog and review policy! I appreciate you taking the initiative to find out my reading and product preferences!


I started blogging on Blogger in April 2012 then I decided to Switch to WordPress in November 2012 because I didn’t feel comfortable using blogger so I wasn’t blogging regularly. I am predominantly a book blogger but I also blog about infertiliy, family life, an d products etc. I really enjoy reading but I don’t want to critically analyse them just share the books I have enjoyed as well as their content.

My reviews are very honest and predominantly subjective, because they consist of my thoughts and feelings about a book I have read or products that I have used although in some cases they will be quite analytical as well. I will always state who I received the book or product from somewhere in the review. When I write my reviews I try to off set any negative opinions with positive ones, because I totally understand that that I am posting my personal opinions on something that has been born out of someone else’s passion.

My book reviews include cover art, a book synopsis, my personal thoughts and feelings about the book, publication details and a numbered/star rating – the number rating will be out of ten while the star rating will be out of 5. While my product reviews will include a product image, product description, my personal thoughts and feelings on the product, the production details, and a numbered/star rating.

I try to post my…

* book reviews on  goodreads, amazon,  the publishers website,  YouTube as well as on their relative platforms like the Net galley or          Edelweiss.

* Product Reviews on Amazon, YouTube and the companies website.

I am currently Accepting general review requests.

Review Request FAQ’s

Do you accept indie titles?

I will accept these titles but only when they interest me although I am very selective.

What format do you accept for review?

I will accept paperback or hard cover books for review, but I prefer to read digital format books particularly in mobi/pdf format as I tend to prefer to read on my kindle. My preferred method of receiving e-galleys is through NetGalley.

What else do you review?

I am also happy to review films, toys and other products. The toys that I review need to be in the age range that my son falls into so I can give a full review.

Do you respond to each individual review request? 

Although I try to respond to each individual review request I can’t always do it as I simply don’t have the time, and I humbly apologise for that.

How Can I be contacted for a review request?

You can contact me via email using this email address clhunt77@gmail.com



For fiction books I read a good mix of children’s, middle grade, Young Adult, New Adult and Adult.

I also accept:

Series: I will review series but if they are part not of a companion series, where it’s not detrimental if you don’t read them in order, if it’s not the fist in a series I would prefer to read it unless the others in the series are provided. I require the other books in a non companion series so I can give a full and respectful review.


Receipt of anything be it a book or a product, for review doesn’t guarantee that it will be read/used or that a review will be posted.

When I personally request anything be it a book or product for review that takes president over any other review items. Then the things that I have accepted via a review request or pitch will be the next priority on my review schedule. Finally anything that is sent to me unsolicited will go on my to review sometime pile then they will be reviewed according to what my review schedule is like and my interest in the book/product. If I have no interest in reading the book or using the product then it will be passed on to another blogger or donated.

How long will it take for a review: I try to read or use anything received for review in a timely manner but as with anyone I do have time constraints. If the book is an ARC or the product is a pre release item then I will try to review it in the month surrounding its release date, in most cases before or shortly after it is released. However at present I cannot guarantee that the review item will be reviewed by the release date.