Book Review: The Octavian Latticework by Jack Belmonte



The Octavian LatticeworkFormat: Kindle Edition      ASIN: B003A02OME                                                               File Size: 1240 KB/Print Length: 324 pages                                                 Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited                                                    Hardcover   ISBN-10: 0989177513/SBN-13: 978-0989177511                                                                             324 pages                                                                     Publisher: Voltaire Publishing (1 Mar 2013)                                                                   Language: English




America, 2023. Johnny Luca is a rookie counter-terrorism agent for the U.S. Anti-Subversion Authority. He and his partner, Julius Fullerton, are on the heels of Brigade 910, a domestic terror group led by the shadowy Octavian. Together they stumble upon the nightmarish terror attack that Octavian is planning-a symphony of destruction known as Project Orion.                                                 Meanwhile, Reed Wilkins is a President in crisis. He has vowed to veto the draconian Total Information Awareness Act, a law that would give the government sweeping powers to turn America into a surveillance state. For his opposition, Wilkins knows he will be assassinated-by Alexander Bryson, the ultra-nationalist Director of the Anti-Subversion Authority. Determined to defeat Bryson and destroy the new law,Wilkins reaches out to Agent Hunter Peterson, an old friend and the leader of Luca and Fullerton’s team. When Luca  discovers that his late detective father investigated Octavian in the last year  of his life, the young agent sets in motion a chain of events that plunges the team into the heart of both plots- the Project Orion terror attack and the plan to assassinate President Wilkins. From the streets of Newark to the World Trade Center in Manhattan, through secret passageways beneath Washington to midnight meetings at Arlington National Cemetery, Jack Belmonte’s debut novel will take you to an America under siege, where freedom and tyranny struggle for supremacy at zero hour.


Thank you to Jack Belmonte the author of this book for contacting me via my Goodreads account to ask if I would review the book for him. But I  have to say sorry to the author for it taking me so long to read the book but I found it quite hard and heavy going in places especially the governmental/political things that were being covered. This was a fascinating book because it was an alternative look at what America could have become following 9/11 especially looking in to the future in fact in fact you could see some parallels to what America is like in some ways since 9/11. I thought it was grate how well all the stories with in the book interlinked with each other, i.e. Luca’s father having done some work connected with Octavian several years ago and the fact that Luca was now involved in brining down Octavian and saving the Presidents life.  I also loved the love story between Luca & his on off girlfriend. At some point in time I will reread this book and I am sure that I will enjoy it a bit more as I already know the basis of the story. and It also a book that I will recommend  it to other people & buy as a gift for people.


Good Reads Author

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About this author

Jack Belmonte lives in Washington, DC.

Patches and Buttons by Jennifer Link


Jennifer Link was born and raised in Michigan where she obtained her background in Multimedia, Fine Art, and Crafts. She obtained her B.S. Degree in Animation in 2009 while studying at Westwood College. During this time she discovered how to combine traditional drawing with digital art. Her love for children, and obsession with all things art led her down the path of children’s book publishing.


  • Hardcover: 38 pages
  • Publisher: Outskirts Press (27 Mar 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1478730730
  • ISBN-13: 978-1478730736
  • Product Dimensions: 25.4 x 17.8 x 0.6 cm


This book centers around two characters named Patches the dog and Buttons the bunny. In this story we are taken on a short journey through the eyes of Buttons to understand why he is always frightened. He is afraid of every loud noise from the dog barking to the household appliances. No matter where he goes it seems the things he wants to get away from follow him. Learn how two animals who are so different can learn to come together and find friendship. Join me on this adventure of Patches and Buttons.


I want to start this review by thanking both the books author and Bostick Communications for allowing me to read and review this book.

This beautifully written and Illustrated book was well worth the five stars I gave it and I would have give it more if I could have done. The story was a lovely endearing one about a rabbit whos scared and a dog who wants go be the rabbits friend.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story to my son although I’m not sure he enjoyed it as much but I feel sure that as he gets older he will grow to love it.

I can say without reservation that I will not only reccommend the book to other people but it will also be one that I buy for other children as a gift.

Book Review: The Darkness of Gold by K.R. Slifer


K.R. Slifer                                   Goodreads Author

K.R. Slifer url                             

born                                   New York, The United States

gender                               female

influences                       Diana Gabaldon; Garth Nix; Maya Angelou; Sherrilyn Kenyon; Jane Austen…more

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Author Biography       I grew up in New York City on the Upper East Side. From an early age, I loved to tell stories and to create a world of make believe.

                                                        I first began to write my stories down in second grade, starting with the story of two hamsters and their quest to defeat the other household pet, a snake. From there, I constantly wrote poetry and short                                                           stories. Whether sitting in the hallway at school or basking in the summer sun, a book could always be found in my hand.                                                        I attended Ithaca College and earned a Bachelor Degree in Creative Writing.I currently live in Charleston, South Carolina working at a hotel by day and as a writer by night. At the moment, I am busy writing the second book in The White Healer series.


The Darkness of Gold

 Product Details

Vanora wakes up on her eighteenth birthday to a crimson sky and the crisp beginnings of Autumn. It is the day of her Recognition, the day she needs to prove her worth and prove she is powerful enough to be not only the Princess, but the next Healer of the Kingdom of Alethedreda.

However, destiny has other plans. The curling fog of doom has reached the drawbridge of the castle, taking hold of all who dwell within.

The Darkness–the Antithesis of Life–has been unleashed upon the kingdom, wreaking havoc upon the land and it’s people, and thrusting Vanora into the life of a Healer. Unprepared and afraid, she must leave her home and travel across the land. Through the snow capped Damik Mountains to the glittering ocean city of Ulan, Vanora is pushed beyond her physical and emotional limits, going against all that she knows about herself and the world she lives in. Her only companions are a royal Faerie named Zane and her spirit animal, Thea.

Regardless of the cost, Vanora must save the kingdom and defeat the creator of the Darkness… no matter who it turns out to be


First of all I would like to thank the author & goodreads for letting me read this book. I gave the book 5 stars as it well deserved it in fact I would have given it more if I could have done as it more than deserved more.

The authors writing was so fantastic that it pulled you in the world within the story as well as the emerging love story between Venora the Healer and Zane the Fairy who’s the fairy queens advisor. The descriptions given of characters and scenes made you feel like you were actually part of the story.

Vanora found out on her 18th birthday that she had to go on a quest to destroy the Creator of the Darkness, a kind of plague. She discovered this during her coming into powers ceremony as she’s a healer. During her journey across several kingdoms we came into contact with many other characters including her Spirit guide Thea, A Kayden a minion of the creator of the darkness, the Inn Kepper in Ulan and the horses that carried Venora and Zane on in their journey from U;an.

There were happy and sad times through out the story the saddest being at the end when Venora found out that the creator of the Darkness was in fact her brother as she had to kill him.

Trip to The Rainforest (1, Spartan and the Green Egg Series) by Nabila Khashoggi



Spartan and the Green Egg, Book 1: A Trip to the Rainforest


Spartan & The Green Egg Book 1 Trip to The Rainforest

  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 51081 KB
  • Print Length: 72 pages
  • Publisher: Full Cycle Publications; 1 edition (1 April 2013)
  • Sold by: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00CZD6B3K

Book Description

Spartan, his three friends, and his dog, Grimm, as they travel the Universe. The mission of this talented team is to gain and share knowledge of their amazing discoveries. With the power of their minds, they made contact with a race of alien explorers, who communicate with them via an egg-shaped spaceship that is itself an organic alien being. Their expeditions are made even more exciting through the use of new technology and cool gadgets, provided by their new friend, who goes by the name of Egg.

In Book 1, A Trip to the Rainforest, the team’s introduction to the rainforest and all its wonders is made even more fun by the company of two native Amazonian Indians. Their extraordinary visit is not without a few close calls. After an eye-opening experience with a mysterious Shaman, their own troubles seem to pale in comparison to what they learn. The rainforest is in danger of vanishing, and all its creatures and plant life are at risk of extinction. With the help of the Green Egg’s out-of-this-world technology, the team is able to put a big dent into the path of destruction and re-new hope for the survival of the rainforest.

(this information was obtained from

About the author

Mother, entrepreneur, author, and actress Nabila Khashoggi is the founder of NABILA K, a lifestyle line of luxury skin care, home ambiance and personal products. She wrote the children’s comic book series Spartan and the Green Egg with the intention of introducing kids to environmental and cultural themes around the world. She lives in New York with her family and has two sons.


Star Rating: 5 Stars out of 5

This Book was sent to me by the Author following a request I made to her for it before reading the next Book in the Series which I found out about via Bostick Communications.

What I Liked about this book

This was the first Comic Book/Graphic Novel that I have ever read &  loved it  which is why I read it in a couple of hours. It is for these reasons that I gave it 5 stars out of 5.

The Illustration’s in the Book were fantastic and kept me engaged in the story.

The book started with a young boy telling his friend about a book that he’d read, followed them through what they did to summon the alien egg to their trip to the Amazon. Then once they were in the Amazon it educated you about how to care for the environment (plants and trees) as well as the beliefs of the an Amazonian Indian Tribe.

Final Thoughts

I will not only recommend this book to other people but I will also be using it with my son when I am homeschooling him when we study the Amazon.

BOOK 2 An Adventure to the reefs of Mindoro Island

Book Synopsis

 brungs - khashoggi  Spartan and the Green Egg Takes an Adventure to the Reefs of Mindoro Island

  NEW YORK – Nabila Khashoggi has continued her series with a second book – Spartan and the Green Egg Book  2: The Reefs of     Mindoro Island. Young readers will enjoy another world exposition to the South China Sea  with Spartan and his three close friends along     with the friendly alien spaceship – Egg.

  In Book 2 The Reefs of Mindoro Island, the team of explorers visits Mindoro, the seventh-largest island in the  Philippine archipelago     where thousands of miles of precious coral reefs, abundant with wildlife, are in danger.

  Spartan and his friends face a challenging mission; to stop some reckless and avaricious fishermen from blowing up  the very fragile coral   reefs with explosives. They befriend a brave young girl from the traditional Iraya Mangyan tribe,  and are presented  with an obstacle: in   order to save paradise, they must take a huge risk.

 The beautifully illustrated book by Manual Cadag, brings a comic book feel with brightly colored drawings of the coral reefs. Author Khashoggi continues her theme of environmental concern with an easy-to-understand story that will delight and educate children ages 5 to10.

About The Book:
Spartan and the Green Egg, Book 2, the Reefs of Mindoro Island by Nabila Khashoggi
ISBN: 978-0615501321
Publisher: Full Cycle Publications
Date of publish: 2014
Pages: 51
S.R.P.: $18.99


I gave this book 5 stars out of 5 because it was another fantastic book which I read in a couple of hours.  The Illustrations in this book were as good as in the first one and illustrated the story brilliantly so I was kept engaged throughout the story.

I loved the fact that this time Spartan went on the Adventure on his own first before going with his friends. The adventure involved the children travelling to an Island in the archipelago  of the Phillippines called Mindoro to help them save their Coral Reefs with the help of the alien Green Egg.

I loved the fact that the Egg gave them magic bubbles that allowed them to breathe under water when they went down to look at the Coral Reef. It was also grate that Spartan got to use his compass when they got lost in the cave when they were checking the coral.

I can’t think of anything that I didn’t like about  this book.

The Educational value of this book is grate because it teaches about how chemicals damage the coral reefs and their surrounding echo systems.  When I home school our son and we are learning about coral reefs I will use this book as part of the curriculum for the unit study.


Michelle Turner – Promised

Author Biography

Goodreads Author


born                              in Chillicothe, The United States   July 15
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twitter username      ShellJTurner
genre                             ParanormalRomanceYoung Adult
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About this author: Michelle is a 28 year old native Ohioan. Go Buckeyes! She lives with her husband and son. When she isn’t spending time with her family or working you can find her with her nose stuck in a good book. On October 3, 2012 she released her first book as an independent author, Reviving Bloom.


Book Information

Promised (Promised Series, #1)  Kindle Book
  File Size: 353 KB

  •   Print Length: 225 pages
  Goodreads: Read 4 Review book – Never Too Old For Y.A. & N.A.


synopsis: Linc knows Wyn is the girl for him.

Wyn knows Linc is the boy for her.

But she’s promised to another.

Lincoln “Linc” Tatman had been at his new school for months and he thought he’d met all the girls it had to offer. Until one day, he spied Wyn sitting against a tree and realized this new place had been hiding the girl of his dreams. He goes out of his way to get to know her, even though he’s warned that it’s a hopeless case. But he’s determined to win her, even if she can only be his for a short time.

Arwyn “Wyn” Scott is the black sheep of her big gypsy family. When most of the girls her age are dropping out to start their own families, she begs her parents to stay. She doesn’t fit in with the gypsy teens and the regular teens are too afraid of her five older brothers to get close. Then Linc comes into her life, showing her a new life she never thought she could have. She can’t stop herself from falling head first for the boy.

Can Wyn leave behind her family and their traditions to follow her heart, or will she become a young gypsy wife

* * * * * * * * *

I couldn’t put this book down from the moment I started reading it to the moment I finished it which is why it only took me just over 24 hours to read it and I loved it so much because it was fascinating getting an insight in to the beliefs and traditions of the “gypsy” community as well as due to the love story between Wyn and Lincoln.  It was because of this that I gave the book ‘5 stars out of 5’ and that I would and will recommend the book to others both personally and via this blog.

Wyn was a grate heroine because she was able to fight against her community’s beliefs that girls shouldn’t finish their education in favour of getting married, an arranged marriage and having children. She not only did this but also ultimately walked away from her family on her wedding day when overheard her eldest brother talking to her fiance at the church about how he had told him (the fiance) to request her hand from their father.

Lincoln is a strong character from the start and this is shown by the fact that he is so supportive with Wyn from the day they start thier relationship.

The way the book ends with Lincoln and Wyn in the Hospital having their first baby and this was the perfect way to finish the book.


Naked Edge – Charli Webb

Book Information

Naked Edge   Mobi Format

  File Size 515 KB/Print Length: 281 pages

  Page Number Source ISBN:  1494327597

  ASIN: B00H15X6MG read 4 Review book – Never Too Old For Y.A. & N.A. Books Group

* * * * * * * * * * *

Book Review

Synopsis: Skylar’s family was forced into the witness protection program when she was only seventeen. After her mother died years later, Sky moved back in with the only family she had left. She knew she’d run into her high school sweetheart but she didn’t expect the changes she found in Rowdy. He wasn’t the sweet boy she left so many years ago. He’d turned into a womanizing jerk but that didn’t stop her heart from wanting him.

Review:  I gave this book 5 stars out of 5 because I fell in Love the two main characters, Skylar & Rowdy immediately both                  them as  individuals and them as a couple, because of this I would and will recommend the book to others both                    personally and on my blog.  I also found the Stories of two of the other characters Anna and Boon really                                interesting. It was also an grate book because it was based around Rock climbing.

               I really felt for Skylar and Rowdy when it came to Skylar just disappearing when her family had to go into witness                protection and then when her Aunt and Uncle died, and she wasn’t able to go.

The way Charli’s writing draws you in and keeps you wanting more through the descriptions of characters, scenes                and places is amazing.

To begin with Anna you felt sorry for her because it was obvious that she was screwed up about what her Dad had               done with regard being in Jail for killing Rowdy’s, her step brother, Mum and the fact that she was in love with                     Rowdy.  However as soon she attacked Skylar in an attempt to kill her you lost all sympathy for her.

I loved it when Skylar texted Anna from Rowdy’s phone asking her to meet in Rowdy’s room to try to get                               a confession out of her about what she’d done to her and the fact that she was blackmailing Rowdy.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Author Biography

Charli Webb  Goodreads Author


  gender                female

  member since     October 2013


T. Taylor – Risk of Falling


Goodreads Author

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Risk of Falling
  Mobi Format
  File Size 389KB/Print Length: 308 pages
  Publish Date: 16th September 2013
  Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1492128112
  ASIN: B00FPB7A4S Read 4 Review book for the
  New Adult Book Club group

Synopsis:  Sloan Matthews has spent the last four years since she was forced to separate from her semblance of a family attempting to build a quiet life for herself. She hides her past and swears off love to protect her heart from the pain inflicted as a child. Trying to find her way, she moves to a tiny ski village called Mount Tremblant where she works and spends every day embracing her passion of snowboarding. Life is good and drama free with her best friends by her side. When she falls into Jake Brooks life, she finds herself fighting an undeniable attraction.

Jake Brooks is the sexy tattoo clad newest member of the Foley snowboarding team. He lives life fast and hard just like he snowboards. Jake has a reputation for bouncing from woman to woman and has no intentions of slowing down. He is a good person at heart, protective and honorable, but he won’t let anyone know that. That is until Sloan literally trips into his life.

When a traumatic event nearly shatters Sloan to pieces, Jake is there to rescue her and pick up the pieces. Together they try to push out of their comfort zones and are forced to discover if the risks are worth falling in love.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I gave this book  ‘5 stars out of 5 ‘  because of the combination of the story being based in a winter Sports Resort, around snow boarding and the developing love story between Sloan and Jake. I loved this book so much that with out doubt I would recommend this book to other people both personally and via my blog.

Sloan’s character development throughout the book is grate because she goes from being a sacred, vulnerable & insecure girl as a result of her childhood who doesn’t beleive in love at the beginning of the book to a more secure, happy go lucky girl who’s in love.

Jake’s character development throughout the book, from when we first meet him is grate because he goes from living his life fast and hard including womanizing to falling head over heels in love with Sloan and being happy to be a strictly one woman man. I especially loved the fact that he encouraged Sloan to try to do a jump on the jump course which helped to build her confidence as well as being the one who saved her when a man was attacking her in a back alley one night at the local club.

The way the author describes things like the snow in the story really makes the reader fell like their actually at the Ski Resort experiencing it for themselves.

Christine Fonseca: The Requiem Series

Author Biography

Critically acclaimed nonfiction and YA author Christine Fonseca is dedicated to helping children of all ages find their voice in the world. Drawing on her expertise as an educational psychologist, her nonfiction titles address issues of emotional intensity, resiliency and giftedness. Her titles include Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students, 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids and The Girl Guide, releasing April 2013. In fiction, she explores the darker aspects of humanity and delivers gothic thrillers that take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions not to be missed. Recent titles include Dies Irae and Lacrimosa, from the Requiem Series, and the recently released thriller, Transcend. For more information about Christine Fonseca or her books, visit her website – or her blog

Books Information

Lacrimosa (1 Requiem)

Lacrimosa (Requiem Series)Kindle Format ASIN  B00DRPHHVK File Size     547KB Paperback Format


Pages      365

Libera Me (2 Requiem)

Libera Me (Requiem Series)

Kindle Format

      File Size    502 KB            Print Length    451 pages

       page numbers source ISBN  1490577041        ASIN  B00DV8GO94

  Paperback format

      450 pages               Publisher (2nd ed) CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

      Publish Date   July 17 2013

Dominus (3 Requiem)

Dominus (Requiem Series)

Kindle Format

       File Size   1529KB       Print Length  237 pages

       Page numbers source ISBN  1491205520         ASIN  BooFRFMoX8

 Paperback Format

      Print length 267 pages          Publisher   CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform;

      Publish Date (1 edition)  24 Oct 2013     ISBN-10  1491205520   -13  978-1491205525

Requiem Series Book’s Synopsis

Book 1: Larimosa Some sacrifices should never be made, even for love. Nesy is the best of an elite group of angels, warriors called Sentinals, charged with one job—vanquish the UnHoly. She’s never made a mistake, never gotten emotionally involved, never failed. Until she comes face-to-face with Aydan. He is evil incarnate. A fallen angel that feeds off the souls of others. Everything Nesy is supposed to hate. But she can’t, because he’s also the human love of her life; a love she was never supposed to feel. Now she must choose between doing her duty or saving Aydan, a choice that will cost more than her life… Or his soul. Book 2: Libera Me The line between good and evil has never been so blurred. Aydan wants to believe Nesy has returned to him in Vanessa. But her lack of memories and incessant nightmares begin to erode his faith. Zane is used to trusting his mind, his wisdom and his angelic senses. But these attributes are no help with Vanessa. He has no way to be certain of her true identity. That is, unless he listens to the one thing he has refused to acknowledge throughout his existence – his feelings for Nesy. Blind to both angel and demon, Aydan and Zane must now figure out the truth behind Nesy’s identity before all is lost, Azza discovers the truth and the Beast is again unleashed. **The special second edition includes the Requiem Shorts Mea Culpa and Enigma.** Book 3: Dominus

Sometimes death is the only way to save a life. 

Nesy knows who she is now, knows what she’s lost. Determined to save Aydan from his fate, she confronts the only one she blames for everything – Azza. But how can she fight the devil when she is nothing more than human. The fate of Celestium, Infernum and humanity rests in Nesy’s hands. Can she find the strength to confront demons she’s never imagined, face fears she’s never voiced, and release the one things that has held her world together – her love for Aydan. Some sacrifices should never be made…even for love.

The Case of Secrets by Alfred M. Struthers

Author Biography: Alfred M. Struthers

Alfred M. Struthers   Goodreads Author

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Book Information

The Case of Secrets
      Edition(s):           Paperback
      Pages:                    232
      Publish date:      September 1st 2013
      Publisher:            All Classic Books
       ISBN:                    1938759117 (ISBN13: 9781938759116)
Book Synopsis
It looked like an ordinary book. Old and boring. But when 11 year-old Nathan Cole picks it up off the attic floor, strange things begin to happen. Things he can’t explain…or ignore. The book leads him through a complex set of clues left by Alastair Raven, a renowned New York City architect who vanished in the mid 1800’s, never to be heard from again. Through every twist and turn, Nathan is convinced that Raven reaching out to him, leading him to something. But what? What could a man who lived 150 years ago possibly want him to know?
As Nathan works to answer that question, an even bigger mystery looms, one that dates back through his family for generations. See what surprises await him in this action-packed novel that shows how one ordinary book can change your life.

Between the Rage and Grace by Janna Hill

Author Biography: Janna Hill

Janna Hill     Goodreads Author


     born      in Texas, The United States

     gender                             female

     twitter username         janna_hill

     genre                                HorrorParanormalPoetry
                                                                        influences                       The world around me.
                                                                        member since               March 2012
Janna Hill is an East Texas Author and Poet. Most of her career was spent as a licensed nurse before dabbling behind the literary scenes as a ghost writer. She recently decided to step out of the shadows and attach her own name to her efforts releasing a series of fictional works,short stories and poetry. Janna says she has difficulty adhering to genres. Her stories are primarily character driven, sometimes literary fiction with a dose of horror, a sprinkle of paranormal and a dash of sex.
Book Information
Between the Rage and Grace (1)   Edition:                    Paperback
   Pages:                       236
   Publish Date:        March 28th 2012
   Publisher:              Create Space
   ISBN:                       1470030462 (ISBN13: 9781470030469)
Book Synopsis 
Behind the hustle and bustle of a Texas hospital a peculiar camaraderie is evolving.
Clara O’Bromley is looking forward to her future. Being hired fresh out of college and assigned to the intensive care unit (ICU) is no small feat. Clara has Linda Latrull to thank for that and for placing her under the supervision of a foul-mouthed debutante. Maggie Turner is happy to take the young nurse under her wing until she learns that Clara can read more than EKG’s. Clara herself is unaware of this ability until she sees into the past, a past that Maggie and Linda both have been hiding from.