Wrap up for the last two weeks

The Goddess and the thief by Essie Fox – Still reading

Half Bad by Sally Green – Still Reading

The Hanging Tree by Michael Phillip  – Finished

And the Sun Always Sets by Danny Odato – Finished: 10/7

Moonfall by Vanessa Morton – Finished 12 July

Scarlet, 2 The Lunar Chronicles by Marrissa Mayer – Finished 22 July

The Adventures of Loriel the Wood Fairy by  – Finished,

Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief, 1 Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan – still reading

Celine by Peter B. Miller – still reading

The Returned by

Sample – Finished 15 July

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of own making by

Sample – Finished 15 July

Reboot, 1 Reboot by Amy Tintara

Sample – finished 19 July & downloaded the book today 21 July

Book – still reading

Crowther and Westerman Omnibus (Instruments of Darkness, Anatomy of Murder & Island of Bones) by Imogen Robertson

Sample – finished 19 July & downloaded the  book today 21 July.

Book – still  reading

Dreams of the Dead, 1 The Waking by Thomas Randall –

Sample – downloaded the book today 21 July

book – still reading

Sanctus by Simone Toyne –

Part 1 – read the first two chapters

Full Book –  downloaded the book today 21 July/Still Reading

Bargain with Angels by Bev – Read 21 July


boutofbooks10.0 readathon 12-18 May 2014

For this Read-a-thon week I intend to

Finish Reading the following books:

The Octavian Lattice Work – Kindle

Touching Fire (Book 2, Touch Saga) by Airicka Phoenix – Kindle

Read as much as I can of the following books:

Heirs of War by Mara Valderran (GoodReads New Adult Read to Review) - Kindle 
Megans Cure by Bob (Libarything.com) - Kindle,

Secrets of the Alchemist (Order of Hermes) by J.L. Burger, Kindle Edition, 393 pages

The Crumbling Pageant by Patricia Burroughs (library thing early reviewers ) – Kindle, 550 pages

Stupid Girl by Cindy Miles (GoodReads New Adult Book club read to Review) – kindle, 332 pages

Streamline by Jennifer Lane (GoodReads New Adult book club read to review) – Kindle,  PDF format




Obsessive (2 Issues Series) by Isobel Irons

First of all I would like to thank Isobel for asking me personally if I wanted to review this book for her, so THANKS SO MUCH Isobel.


The second book in Isobel’s Issues book series which sees 18 year old Grant Blue’s life post high school graduation become like a film in which astronauts get cut loose and drift into space. Most teenage guys would be glad to have a few weeks of vacation so they can spend more time with their gorgeous if unpredictable girlfriend as well as to participate in a much coveted internship that will shoot him to the top of his class when he starts college in the fall.

This however is not the case for Grant because he can’t seem to stop counting the reasons why he can’t do the things that considered normal for guys of his age, why he shouldn’t want the things he wants. why he doesn’t deserve to be called  ‘perfect’.  Grant is tired of not on;y trying to live up to his parents’ expectations but also carrying his lifelong secret the one that he’s betting that future employees, work colleagues and fellow students wont understand, let alone the girl he’s falling for, who thinks he’s ‘too good’ for her. She couldn’t be more wrong.

Because the perfect student, the perfect son, the guy ‘most likely to succeed’…is about to crash and burn. 

OBSESSIVE is Book Two in the “Issues Series” by Isobel Irons. 



First of all I want to thank Isobel so much for asking me to review this book for her and I am so glad you did because I absolutely loved it.  It was the perfect follow on to Promiscuous and really do feel that this series as a whole will be a fabulous one if the first two books are anything to go by.

I gave this book a 5 star rating because I loved reading it thanks to the way it had been written as it kept me wanting more all the way through.

This book concentrated predominantly on Grant which was really nice because it allowed you to really get to know his as  a person as well as to glean more information about his OCD and how it effects him. I thought it was grate that a character in book had OCD because it allows people who don’t know anything about the condition to get some but also for anyone who has some knowledge of the condition through knowing someone with it, like I do, to see how the condition effects different people.

It was grate to see Grant trying to take responsibility for the problems that the condition cause him as well as for the medication he takes. When he decided that he was coming off his meds and everything spiralled out of control culminating in him having a car accident which land him in hospital.

I thought it was a good twist to the story when we found out why Tash had disappeared when she told Grant the news that she as Pregnant. So it’ll be interesting to see how things pan out for both of them with the pregnancy then the baby once they have it.

Tanker 10 by Jonathan Curelop

Book Synopsis

Tanker 10 is a timely and compelling story about a bullied, bashful and overweight boy named     Jimmy.  It is set in Brockton MA in 1976 where we meet Jimmy who is only interested in         reading his books and toss the ball with his best friend Ben.  Jimmy’s older brother Cliff   and his buddies see him as their entertaining victim, but when Jimmy tries to stand up to his brother     the verbal abuse turns physical, ending in Jimmy being taken to hospital with an injury that changes   the direction of his life.

The book tells the story of Jimmy through his pre-teen and teenage years as he struggles with the   physical and psychological injuries he carries following the accident at the hands of his brother. His     salvation comes thanks to him finding his love for Baseball through which he dedicates himself to a   strict regeime, which takes him from intramurals baseball to little league. Then by the time he   reaches High school he’s no longer the fat kid throwing a ball against a wall but an up-and-coming   right fielder on the freshman baseball team. Even though his recovery is successful Jimmy is still ill at   ease with himself and longs for emotional and physical intimacy. He is also grappling with finding his   place in his family, among his friends, and with his Brother Cliff.



Jonathan Curelop, a lifelong baseball fan who was bullied as a child for being overweight, has written a poignant fictional account of a character in search of himself. His debut novel, Tanker 10, is a funny and heart-wrenching coming-of-age journey toward self-acceptance in the wake of trauma. Centered around baseball, the story deals with the serious ramifications of identity and acceptance.


STAR RATING: * * * * * *

“Tanker 10, is a funny and heart-wrenching coming-of-age journey toward self-acceptance in the wake of trauma. Centered around baseball, the story deals with the serious ramifications of identity and acceptance.”

Although I found it difficult to get into this book to begin with I have given it a 5 out of 5 star rating, because this was nothing to do with how it was written it was more to do with the fact that I had a lot going off in my family life, and I will recommend the book to others personally and via my blog.

I loved the main character Jimmy, the antagonist, as I really identified with him because I was bullied at school as a child and have always loved books and reading. His love for Baseball and his best friend Ben was enduring throughout the book. The love he had for his best friend Ben was particularly when he was killed in the accident and funeral because it was clear that he couldn’t bear to be without him.

Cliff, the protagonist, Jimmy’s older Brother was an interesting character because although he was a bully and in many ways the worst kind of bully, sibling bully you could also see some kind, gentle and loving side to him as well. You could see the better side to him more and more after the incident where he caused his brother injury which inevitably led to Jimmy being even more uncertain of him self than he already was.

Ben, Jimmy’s best friend was a kind, gentle person who wasn’t particularly academically minded person but loved Swimming and swam for a local swim team. You could see from things that happened on the story that he was a grate friend that supported him in every way he can.

It was interesting seeing how Jimmy developed through out the book especially from the accident involving his brother. It was particularly interesting how he went from a non sporty book worm to an avid sportsperson, baseball player, to the point of getting a base ball scholarship to go to college.

I absolutely loved this book and cant wait to read anymore books written by Jonathan.

Between the Rage and Grace by Janna Hill

Author Biography: Janna Hill

Janna Hill     Goodreads Author

     url         https://www.goodreads.com/jannahill

     born      in Texas, The United States

     gender                             female
     website                            http://jannahill.net

     twitter username         janna_hill

     genre                                HorrorParanormalPoetry
                                                                        influences                       The world around me.
                                                                        member since               March 2012
Janna Hill is an East Texas Author and Poet. Most of her career was spent as a licensed nurse before dabbling behind the literary scenes as a ghost writer. She recently decided to step out of the shadows and attach her own name to her efforts releasing a series of fictional works,short stories and poetry. Janna says she has difficulty adhering to genres. Her stories are primarily character driven, sometimes literary fiction with a dose of horror, a sprinkle of paranormal and a dash of sex.
Book Information
Between the Rage and Grace (1)   Edition:                    Paperback
   Pages:                       236
   Publish Date:        March 28th 2012
   Publisher:              Create Space
   ISBN:                       1470030462 (ISBN13: 9781470030469)
Book Synopsis 
Behind the hustle and bustle of a Texas hospital a peculiar camaraderie is evolving.
Clara O’Bromley is looking forward to her future. Being hired fresh out of college and assigned to the intensive care unit (ICU) is no small feat. Clara has Linda Latrull to thank for that and for placing her under the supervision of a foul-mouthed debutante. Maggie Turner is happy to take the young nurse under her wing until she learns that Clara can read more than EKG’s. Clara herself is unaware of this ability until she sees into the past, a past that Maggie and Linda both have been hiding from.

Promiscuous by Isobel Irons

Author Bio.: Isobel Irons

Isobel Irons

    Goodreads Author

    url              https://www.goodreads.com/IsobelIrons

    born                          in Nomadic Travelings, The United States

    gender                      female

    website                         http://isobelirons.com/

    twitter username     IsobelIrons

    genre                             ContemporaryRomanceSuspense

                                                               influences                   Jennifer Armentrout, Cora Carmack, Elle Lothlorien, Suzanne Brockmann,…more
                                                               member since           November 2013
As you might have already guessed, Isobel Irons is a pen name.

In real life, I am (among many things) an indie film director and TV producer with a deep–some might even say obsessive–appreciation for onscreen storytelling and a lifelong book habit that I just can’t seem to kick.

In film, there’s nothing I like better than a JJ Abrams “show, not tell” character reveal, or a Joss Whedon banter session. Or an Erik Kripke-level “bromance.” And of course, I’m a die-hard fan of the will they / won’t they trope, where the fans start shipping two characters agonizingly long before they share their first kiss. Or in Hart Hanson’s case, like three frigging years before. (That’s right, Hart. I’m talking to you, you incorrigible tease.)

In my novels, I use my visual storytelling skills to show the reader an entire menagerie of hidden worlds. When it comes to imagination, there is no production value and no budget. But if there was, I would spend it all and then some. To me, my characters are real people, who just happen to live in my mind. Before I write, I scout locations to set the scene, I hold exhaustive casting sessions to find the perfect quirks that will ignite the maximum amount of conflict. Then, I throw in some tricky, but believable situations that allow my characters to expose themselves–sometimes in a figurative, emotional sense, other times quite literally. Rawr.

Book Information
PROMISCUOUS (is just a fancy word for SLUTTY)     Kindle Information:   Pages    247
                                                  ASIN     B00HSCZ8Y6
Book Synopsis
***Mature Content Advisory. Frequent Use of Strong Language Beyond This Point.***

“My name is Natasha, and I’m a gigantic slut. Don’t believe me? Just ask anyone. They’ll tell you I juggle dicks like a six armed circus freak with nymphomania. They’ll tell you I’ve slept with the entire football team, twice. (Including the coach, who’s like 85 years old, by the way.) So what if none of that shit is true? That doesn’t make me any less of a slut. They’ll probably tell you that, too. But there’s one thing they won’t tell you, and that’s my side of the story.”

Natasha “Tash” Bohner just turned eighteen. Theoretically, that should mean escaping from trailer park purgatory—and her less than stellar relationship with her widowed mother—and running away to Los Angeles with her anorexic best friend, Margot. But as we all know, life is known for taking some very shitty, unexpected turns. Already the scourge of the Guthrie High gossip mill, Tash’s undesirable reputation explodes into infamy when she assaults the captain of the wrestling team. (Despite the fact that he deserved it,) the principal tells her that she’s on her last strike.

Again, see: above. Re: shit happens. When Margot’s will to live is finally severed by the leader of the Guthrie Bitch Squad, Tash vows to get revenge on the most popular girl in school—no matter what it takes. Because of a promise she made to her favorite teacher (to not get expelled), Tash is forced to get creative. She realizes she’s going to have to beat the popularity-obsessed Becca Foster at her own game, by running against her for prom queen. And winning.

In order to succeed, Tash will have to do the unthinkable: she’ll have to join student government, pretend to be well-adjusted, and actually try in school. Also, she’ll have to quit swearing so goddamn much.

It’s like a fucking Cinderella story up in here. Only, it’s high school. So there aren’t any happy endings. (Just beginnings.)

PROMISCUOUS is a novel of “mature YA” / New Adult contemporary hard knocks, with a little bit of romance and a dark, yet FAR too relatable twist.

To find out more, please visit http://isobelirons.com/promiscuous(

Touching Fire (Touch 1) by Airicka Phoenix

Author Bio: Alricka Phoenix

Airicka Phoenix    Goodreads Author

    url  https://www.goodreads.com/AirickaPhoenix

    born  Winnipeg, MB, Canada

    gender   female

website                           http://airickaphoenix.com/Author/

twitter username       AirickaPhoenix

genre                              Young AdultRomanceParanormal

member since             September 2011

Huddled beneath a perpetual cloud of imagination, International Best-Selling author Airicka Phoenix lives with her husband and four gorgeous children in the beautiful province of British Columbia. When she’s not busy playing with her imaginary friends, creating worlds and toying with fictional lives, she can be found reading, polishing her collection of daggers, or chilling with her kids.Airicka is the creator of THE TOUCH SAGATHE SONS OF JUDGMENT SAGATHE LOST GIRL SERIES,GAMES OF FIRE, and BETRAYING INNOCENCE. The conclusion of Finding Kia, book 2 of The Lost Girl Series,REVEALING KIA, will be out Nov 2013. She also has plans to release a Sci-Fi horror/romance, WHEN NIGHT FALLS, Dec 2013.Airicka also writes adult paranormal & contemporary romance under her alter ego, Morgana Phoenix. She has a paranormal short coming out Dec 2013 in SNOWED IN, An Anthology and CAPTURE ME, Morgana’s debut novel will be released Fall 2014.

For more about Airicka, visit her website at: http://airickaphoenix.com/Author/(less)

Book Information

Touching Smoke (Touch, #1)    Paperback  320 pages


    Publish Date:   July 31 2012



Book Synopsis

For sixteen-year-old FALLON BRAEDEN being on the run had been the easiest part of her life. Packing up and crossing whole cities on a split second decision had been tedious, having no friends and being alone had been painful, but being caught by the truth was something she learned too late was worse.

Fallon is a weapon. She was created to destroy. Keeping her alive, keeping her safe is all Isaiah knows. It’s all that matters, because Fallon is his. She belongs to him. She is a part of his body, his soul, his heart. He will do anything, kill anyone to keep her, even if it means sacrificing himself.

But can Fallon believe the stranger on the motorcycle claiming he was there to die for her? How do you trust when you have no one but the memories of a girl you’ve never met and a tall, dark, gorgeous boy that you feel pulsing deep in your soul? What do you do when you’ve been lied to your whole life? When you’re told you’re normal even though nothing about you is normal? Fallon must learn quickly just what she is before the evil chasing her finally gets what it wants… her blood.

The world depends on her not falling in love, not giving in. But what happens when the temptation becomes too great, when falling is her only option? Can she live knowing the world will burn because his touch is the only thing keeping her alive?

Touch Passion. Touch Power. Touch Smoke!


Books that I am Currently/intend to finish Reading by the end of the month

The books are listed starting with the shortest down to the longest which is also the way I intend to read them:

  1. A Spirited Season by Misha Crews Et al (digital, from Netgalley) – read up to pg. 12
  2. The Ocean at the end of the Lane by Neil Gaiman (digital, goodreads: sci fi and fantasy bookclub group & Uk Amazon Kindle Forum group) – read up to pg 46
  3. The Name on your Wrist by Helen Hiorns (paperback, goodreads giveaway)
  4. The Room Beyond by Stephanie Elmas (digital from NetGalley) read up to pg. 35
  5. Blood Guilt, 1 Bllod Hunters by Marie Treanor (digital from NetGalley) – read up to pg. 20
  6. The Goddess and the Thief by Essie Fox (paperback, goodreads giveaway) – read to 36
  7. Shadow and Bone, Grisha 1 by Leigh Bardugo  (Digital, goodreads: the reviewers group) – read to pg. 23
  8. The Octavian Latticework by Jack Belmonte (digital from NetGalley) – read up to pg. 22
  9. The Selection, Selection 1 by Kiera Cass (digital, goodreads: reading anything and everything group) – read to pg. 13
  10. Ender’s Game, Ender saga 1 by Orson Scott Card (digital) – read to pg. 26
  11. Red 1-2-3 by Jack Kalzenach (digital) – read to pg. 44
  12. The Lightening Thief, Percy jackson 1 (Paperback, goodreads: reading anything and everything group) pg. 57
  13. Crossed, Matched 2 by Ally Condie (digital) – read to pg. 190
  14. The End, New World 1 by G. Michael Hopf (digital, NetGalley) – read pg.
  15. Pushing The Limits, Pushing the Limits 1 by Katie McGarry (digital) – read to pg.43
  16. Beauty Queens by Libba Bray (digital, the chick lits group) – read to pg. 12
  17. And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini (digital, goodreads: 2014 Reading Challenge group)
  18. Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen (digital, The Sarah Dessen Bookclub Group) – read to pg. 34
  19. Scarlet, The Lunar Chronicles 2 by Maarissa Meyer (digital, the booktuber bookclub group) – read pg. 31
  20. Angel, Angel 1 by L.A. Weatherly (paperback) – read to pg. 18
  21. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes (digital, goodreads: chicks on lit group ) – read to pg. 9

Book Review: The Case of Secrets, book 1 Third floor Mysteries by Alfred m. Struthers

I won this book on the giveaway for it on goodreads.com and I am glad I did because it’s a fantastic book & i can’t wait for the next book in the series.

The story is a about a young boy named Nathan who finds a normal old book in the attic of a family home but it turns out to be anything but normal as strange things that he can’t explain begin to happen as soon as he finds it. The book leads Nathan and his friend, Gina through a complex set of clues which have been left by a Renowned Architect from New York named Alistair Raven, who vanished with out trace in the mid 1800s at the height of his career.

When he & his friend solve the mystery that Raven wants them to it only leads Nathan to an even bigger mystery that dates back through his family for countless generations and is connected to the Old Bookcase and the old books that it contains.

I gave this book a 5 star rating because the descriptions that the author gave about the book and the effects it had on both Nathan & Gina as well as all the other things that happen in the book and the characters themselves were great and kept you gripped. Because of this I would and will recommend it to other people.